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Hi, is there a setup guide anywhere on here for the HD ...

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    Default SPIDERBOX HD 7000 SETUP?

    Hi, is there a setup guide anywhere on here for the HD 7000 box? Having loads of trouble getting any picture and also unlocking channels, cant seem to find anything to help me set it up properly.


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    found this for ya mate. i take no credit for it or indeed blame if anything goes wrong
    Have found another guide... credit taken for the below.

    Theres 3 keys you might find handy in future so write them down on a piece of paper or save it somewhere else, but we are coming to that.

    1. On the backside of your stb under the power switch, and in some cases also on carton in which it arrived, you find the serial number it starts with an I or 1. ´write it down on paper.´

    2. If using a motor and not a fixed dish, go to your nearest referance sat, before you dissconect your old stb, this is probably not needed if you use usals, cause then you insert your lat\longitud. but to be on the safe side.

    3. Connect your new Spiderbox with cables such as scart-hdmi-ypbpr lnb and network cable etc.

    4. Fire up the box, then...

    • press menu
    • option
    • control panel
    • press Ok

    Input your setting such as hd type-video output etc and then press press Exit once done. At this point the box will autosave.

    While you are still in the options menu, you can choose your osd setup and time setting.

    5. Press Left arrow on remote to installation.
    • Pin code is 0000
    • Select preffred settings such as motor\diseqc switch etc
    • At the motor settings press Green button on remote to set your long\latitud
    • Dont forgett to pess Ok on save.
    • You can now search for channels or alternatively upload some settings. See below link...

    Channel Lists
    6. Press Right arrow on remote to Accessory
    • Go to network and press 1111
    • To get hidden menu... (IF THE HIDDEN MENU IS NOT SHOWN) then you first have to (LOAD A PATCH WITH GIFT) on it.
    • Look below how to load new patch after youve finished.See link below for patches...

    Spiderbox 7000 HD Patches+Gift

    • In network press Right arrow on remote Type to On.
    • Do your ip setup (in most cases auto is ok) ´write down your MAC address´
    • On same paper as serial number and press Exit.
    • Go down to nuevoxstream press Ok then Type to On.
    • Go down to Authorization press Ok.
    • ´Write down key´ on same paper as serial number and MAC address and save it somewhere safe. this is the 3 keys you might find usefull in future.
    • Now go down to register and press Ok.


    • Now you can put in your new patches\softcamfiles\channellists.
    • Download extract, to a fat32 formatted usb stick.
    • Conect usb stick to spiderbox usb and in menu go to usb and find the extracted file press Ok on it.

    WHEN UPDATE TO NEW PATCH CHOOSE S\W UPDATE ONLY (if you choose S\w+all data your settings dissapear)
    when in use of softcamfile, set both ucas to on in key edit.
    when in use of a cam and card on same providers as gift,, to avoid conflicts turn gift off.
    Fave replies from various threads

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    2: no info on google abt the pace sv5 rang asda they have no idea what i was talking about,
    3: Your total contribution to this forum, bordering on trolling, seems to have been a collection of snipes, one liners & asterisked expletives



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