Hi guys

I'm a great fan of DK and since joining last year. I was able to learn about the Eurovox on the cable forum, with the help of the usual suspects, satsmo, devilfish and Hiteck and many others.

Since then I have moved onto the Xbox 360 forum and now I find myself wanting to learn more from this forum!

I have read through the red stickys at the top of this forum and have a few questions. Firstly I know I have an old PSP not a slimline but can someone tell me how to identitify which one I have.

The firmware that I have on mine is 3.51 and I have seen a lot of tutorials talking about 3.50 so I am no exactly how sure this affects my PSP. Also since january and now have there been an new software out to make modding the PSP easier eg Jungleflasher on the for the xbox 360.

Last question do I still need a pandora battery?

Thanks for your help in advance and look forward to learning from you all.