<H3>R4i SDHC V1.47b kernel update on November 3rd

R4i-sdhc.com released new R4i SDHC V1.47b kernel on Nov 3rd. It is the latest firmware for R4i SDHC series card (V1.4.3, V1.4.2, V1.4.1 and 3DS card). There are 4 aspect update on the new firmware, 9 new games fixed.
</H3>R4i SDHC V1.47b update content

1. Fix recreate save file issues due to NDS filename big/small capital less problem.
2. Improve unkown new games loading routine (to avoid errcode=-4 problem).
3. New hints screen, presss "START" to view hints.
4. Solved games:
5870 - Monster High Ghoul Spirit (US)
5869 - Petz: Puppyz and Kittenz (US)
5868 - Ben 10: Galactic Racing (US)
5867 - Kirby Mass Attack (EU)
5866 - Professor Layton and the Last Specter (US)
5856 - Around the World in 80 Days (v1.1) (EU)
5851 - Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 (EU)
5846 - Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (US)
5781 - Jewels of the Ages (US)

R4i SDHC V1.47b Download