hello everbody,

does anyone here use an openmedia 500cs with dvblink and windows media center? if so, does it work well?

i'm trying to decide which cable receiver to buy and i'm stuck between a dreambox 500c, 600c pvr, openmedia 500cs or a eurovox 7000hd.

the only real reason i wanted the eurovox 7000hd was because all my TV is sent from a media server over cat 5 (using hdmi to cat5 baluns) and it would be neater to keep using this system by adding the ex7000hd to the setup with an existing hdmi switch i use (currently switching between a tm6900hd and the media center). of course, access to some HD channels is a nice bonus. but other than that, it is a fairly restrictive setup. I know linux so a dreambox makes more sense.

if i used any of the dreambox's, i would have to setup a scart over cat5 balun and it's just more boxes around the place... and the picture quality won't be as good. not even upscaling, just plain old SD and I'm used to the nice HD output of my media center.

but then i read about dvlink which suggests it will do what i want. i know the openmedia is basically a dreambox 500 but is the network card of sufficient quality to stream ok?

does anyone have this set up? does it stutter at all?

finally, and this is probably a really stupid question, but could a dreambox 500 (openmedia 500cs) decode cable HD by passing it on to the HD-ready media center? i can't imagine it would but...