Just a couple of idea and thoughts I thought I would share -

Illegal software being deleted well -

1. It is merely a copy of software until a crack or serial is kept with it. Hows about software one site, a list of serials were possible on another.
2. A list of serials (password protected or otherwise is useless without the software, so is it illegal to have a list of letters and numbers?
3. The same is true with windows, keep activations seperate from custom copies and they are merely trail versions like the ones you can d/l from M$ directly you have just added some freeware (drivers, possibly browers etc).

Rather than use the common sites use sites such as -

With the second link, you can make folders public but people would still need the link to be able to get to them they don't show in search engines for example.

Also certain hosts such as
Will allow you to use your space pretty much as you desire.

There are ofc other links that may provide more functionality than those I have provided for example purposes.