rebooted with formatted usb stick in,made single partition with kcc to ext3
then in putty i typed

cd /mnt/usb
mkdir bro1
mount -t ext2 /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb/bro1
as most of the time i had no usb0 folder
this created a bro1 could be any name you use when tyrping the command mkdir first

ftp the image to /mnt/usb/bro1 with your favourite ftp program
then when done in putty

type command "cd /mnt/usb/bro1" to enter in folder where is tar.gz file of enigma
18. to check it type "ls -aln" and see , if all is OK, if yes, we will see our file tar.gz
19. type "tar xzvf enigma2_cuberevo_mod_PKT.tar.gz

then it begins unpacking

after unpack in putty type

cd /
umount /dev/sda1

now you can unplug your usb and turn of box with power switch at the back
then plug stick back in and whilst turning back on with power switch at the back press the correct button on the remote control to boot to enigma for 6 seconds roughly

thanks for all the help from

in no particular order