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    The Dark Mirror (A Mike Faraday Mystery #1)
    Mike Faraday is a P.I. out of the best tradition: salt of the earth, hardworking, a little rough around the edges, but smart as a whip.
    When he gets a phone call from a nervous potential client, he thought the case would just be routine.
    Then a silenced gun cuts down his client.
    Soon, Faraday becomes embroiled in a trail of murder and violence, the likes of which he has never seen before.
    Suddenly the case becomes part of a much bigger picture, one that has the potential to get Faraday killed.
    Fortunately, being shot at is something Faraday is more than used to.
    Despite the fact that corrupt cops run rampant through the LAPD, Faraday finds an ally in Captain Tucker, an apple munching, nose for the truth police chief, as they search for the answers to the mystery surrounding the client’s murder and the subsequent bodies that seem to line up the more they investigate.
    Night Frost (A Mike Faraday Mystery # 2)
    American private investigator Mike Faraday thought he’d manage to escape the slog of detective work waiting for him in downton L.A. when he jets off to the Bahamas.
    But that dream is shattered when he finds a body dumped on the beach in front of him.
    Quickly, he becomes embroiled in the violent Mafia underworld, taking a few batterings along the way and meeting some men, and some women, that tend to get your blood boiling.
    Follow Mike Faraday as he navigates this precarious illicit gangland and tries to get to the bottom of the hideous crime that has begun to haunt his darkest hours.
    No Flowers for the General (A Mike Faraday Mystery # 3)
    Mike Faraday, a private eye, is hired to travel from his native Los Angeles to a small town named Mudville, population 6,000.
    It may call itself ‘The Friendliest Town in the World’, but Mike Faraday is about to find out for himself just how wrong that statement is.
    He’s been requested to investigate a missing persons case, but soon his investigation takes a sinister turn…
    Soon, a body appears.
    Then another, and another.
    This murderer has a penchant for ice-picks, and shows no sign of stopping.
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