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    Default PS3 Petiteboot for run Linux as other OS 4.82 rebug custom firmware

    This is instrution to run Linux Ribbon on PS3 Soft Modded custom firmware 4.82 rebug REX , method to configure and file for reboot

    alternate OS and Game Os . Tested from me only for live run , not install on internal drive.

    Ribbon Linux download to source forge

    in video skip reset console and shell procedure to run live usb

    Go to rebug toolkit liberate 5 NAND , rebbot , install petiteboot on usb pendrive precopy and extract ISO linux for boot ever also pendrive

    For install custom firmware you have 3.55 ori firmware or 4.82 ori or update to this and only on ps3 support max minimal 3.56 OFW.

    Search web and youtube for custom install.

    dtbImage.ps3 petit boot for slim

    dtbImage.ps3.bin. minimal rename .bin petit boot for sflat
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