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    Default Astra active 2007

    Hope someone can help I have what I can only describe a noise like when you bang a knife and folk together on my car when I go over uneven road but not all uneven road.i can only here it when front windows are open but not when just have back windows are open it doesnít happen when going over speed bumps just surtain bits of uneven rd two garages and three drive way machanics have heard the sound but all say canít find nothing wrong with it.they say the only way to be sure is process of a limitation but could end up costing a fortune they said could just be something as simple as a tool left somewhere to full surspention change I no this is a old car but for its age is in great condition and now itís personal 😡i surpose what I am looking for is someone out there thatís hah this problem before and hopefully pin point the problem without me having to spend a fortune on different parts thanks
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