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    Default Mobile App on Tablet and iPad

    Hello All,

    I have couple of questions around Mobile App for Android and Apple phones:
    1. If I open the phone layout report in andriod/iPhone mobile through app it opens in Potrait mode but when I open same report in iPad or Tablet it opens in Landscape mode which is similar to desktop layout.. So is there any way we can provide user the functionality to only open the the phone layout report in Potrait mode in tablet/iPad.
    2. Is there any option we can provide the user to choose to open report in Potrait mode and landscape mode if we created report in phone layout.
    3. How many visualization we can have in phone layout... I have read somewhere it is 2 page scroll or it depends on the boxes in grid.
    Please feel free to add any more details which can help me to understand the mobile reporting..
    Thank you for reading this and appreciate your help..
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