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    Default Brothers, my computer has been hacked today and I need help from anyone please!

    So, I helped my friend ascend today from a TV to 2 x BenQ monitors. Like every day, I just leave my computer on which has never been a problem. When I got back home I noticed a chrome window was open, my mouse was moving and was communicating to someone in a chat bar.

    I Instantly freaked out and closed the tabs and turned off my computer. I grabbed my laptop because I dreaded that purchases had been made, and sure enough saw this.
    My heart sank, I instantly rang PayPal to try and sort this out and they basically told me if there's evidence then we'll give you your money back, and that I should call my bank.

    I called up Westpac (Aussie) and a really nice guy called Rob froze my online banking services and redirected me to the fraud squad. While explaining the situation the women on the other end cut me off saying that it's impossible to gain remote access to a computer without me clicking a 'pop-up', which obviously wasn't true. This lead to her telling me to stop wasting her time and hung up; great.

    So here I am, basically stuck without any knowledge on what to do at this point as there is no evidence that there was someone controlling my computer remotely.

    What I found interesting was that the $500 payment was sent to a twitch streamer, someone called Vinny Inevitable. I'm not sure if he did this but then again, I have no idea. His email from the PayPal payment is

    Additionally, I did the CMD command 'netstat -an' and some foreign IP's came up here but it's difficult to know who did it..

    If anyone could advise me on this situation I would be so grateful, my mum, dad, brother and myself and concerned for the safety of sensitive information..
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    Ok download "glary utilities" screen shot the results

    as for what happens, rumor states hackers hack adverts, then using flash, java or something bypasses the click to activate and bingo

    same here computer on 24:7 but 99% of the time pull the either net cord out

    also avast and try searching for "team viewer"


    advertising boards have team viewer, that don't need autvating, how else does advert change the next week!
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