View Full Version : assitance with cummins/allison doc please

7th April, 2010, 05:45 PM
Hi, the basic sob story goes here in Afghan I had a computer with cummins 7.1 and Allison doc 8.0 to fix our combat vehicles, the computer is in pieces, got a new one and got hooked up with the programs but no keys, can anyone assist with
Cummins 7.1 PCID 8C51E6B3

allison doc 8.0.0 key

any help would be great, I have many down vehicles and through normal chanels it takes a month or more to get it, I need to get them up and running ASAP, the Taliban won't wait. lol

24th February, 2011, 05:31 PM
BASIC:00098ABF72599625OZ PRO:002EBA3893C63A85OZ PROPLUS:00884A8483A2DB45OZ ECMpassword removal:WSS31511FD75C625OZ OEMpasswordremoval:WSS31511FD75C625OZ FLEET:FSS1D0B6355EE875OZ This test does not work if you send me a private message to everything that I offer and click the buttons thanks