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7th November, 2008, 12:02 AM
Hi everyone, sorry i am brand new out of the box with satellite images and the such . I usually deal with the Cable side of things so i am like a FISH out of water when it comes to installing Sat images and how to get them up and running ! I am in the process of buying the above Cable/Sat box and know how to install the DKv1.1 to the cable side of things and install the keys and roms etc. When it comes to flick the switch on the back of the box , thats where i am in the dark . The box is just like having a dreambox 500c and a dreambox 500s . Has anyone out there successfully programmed one of these boxes or give me a little tuition on which image you upload to the satellite flash of the box. I have had it mentioned to me about the SIF team or the NABILOSOFT images etc or even GEMINI 4.50 Then there is the matter of the keys etc to get the box up and running for satellite birds . I have downloaded some Satankeybundles but hey......... erm........doh...... ..what happens if i push this Ha Ha . Any help will be most appreciated and help settle me into this new FORUM !
Cheers mentorman :help:

7th November, 2008, 10:16 AM
Follow Devilfish's sticky below and set it up for cable and than flick the switch on the box power on/off and do the same again and follow Devilfish sticky but for the sat keys you need to download the Satankey bundle and load that to your box. For the cam you need to load anything other than Evocamd i.e the latest CCcam or Mgcamd.