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14th June, 2010, 10:44 PM
ATTENTION: This is not my text! It's text written by CENSORED and I've only translate it to English with permission of author, of course. Second thing is that this text is opinion of author and it's written from perspective of one Bosnian tuner. So, if you find somewhere in text word like: „in our region“, that mean: „Here in Bosnia“. Also, few world famous manufactures are mentioned whose products are available in Bosnia trough network of distributors. If some famous tuner/manufactor is omitted, that doesn't mean it's not worth, just isn't available in Bosnia.

I've decided to write few sentences about usual asked question: Is Power Box good or bad investment? You see, Power Box is not bad thing at all if Power Box is really Power Box, which is quite expensive. Now, I'll explain differences between Power Boxes.

First and worst solution are ebay resistors which are, by some, called Boxes and their mission is to fool engine that outside temperature is lower than it is for real. Based on that information, engine injects more fuel and you that's how you get „Power“. Price of this boxes is very low, about few euros. With this box you get a little bit more torque, but horse power stay same as original, with more fuel consumption and more smoke on exhaust. Can be recognized easily because it has connector with only two contact needles.

Second is untitled and cheap Box which goes between pump and ECU. That Box rises pressure of fuel or injection interval. Power gain is better than „resistor tuning“, but this solution is causing a engine tremor and engine doesn't run well, because this Boxes won't run smoothly on each engine. Power gaining with this Box is about 5%, but with a lot more smoke on exhaust and this is not happiest solution. This is like „forced“ tuning which is like „unscrew“ Bosch pump on Golf Mk2. So, signal of ECU is overridden and extended for some constant percentage. That cause same changes on whole range of engine RPMs, trough all positions of engine load, trough all positions of accelerator pedal which is really bad for engine, especially that doesn't exist adaptation for specific engine or possibility to change way how Box work. Some like this Boxes have some potentiometer to change extension percentage, but that's the same like „unscrew“ Bosch pump.

Third solution is similar like second, but with „pedigree“, quality guarantee and with optimization for each engine, so, this is much safer to use rather than some Chinese. Gained power, based on optimization, is about 5-10%, except VAG group cars, where power improvement is up to 15%, but with a lot more smoke on exhaust. This Box is programmed and adapted for each engine when you order it and it's more advanced and better than second solution Boxes. Biggest drawback is small power gain/price ratio, but is OK for engine and won't cause damage on engine unlike second solution which can easily cause problem in engine. One of Third solution boxes is CENSORED[/URL].

Forth solution is real Box. That Box has plugs for oil pressure, electic valve, accelerator position potentiometer and that sort of Box is very quality and it's almost the same as quality chip tuning. For e.g. CENSORED[URL="http://www.mtm-online.de/"] (http://www.vector-tuning.com/en/tuningboxen.php) manufacture these Boxes, they are quite expensive, over 800 euros and they are rare in our region. Also, they are unfairly on „bad reputation voice“ because cheap and bad Boxes, like first described here.

Bad map inside ECU is a lot dangerous than bad Box, because with cheap Box you don't get raise of Turbo pressure and engine is a little bit safer, but with bad tuned map you can change everything and after 1000 miles, you have „chocolate of pistons“. Chip tuning is better and more advanced way of power improvement, but also is very dangerous, if it's done by amateur. Only professional Chip tuning can be good and quality. And it's same with Boxes. Only Boxes with pedigree and with someone to stand for it, can be a good Box.

14th June, 2010, 11:13 PM
I forget to mention, original author of this text said that he has no time to take a part in further discussion! So, take his opinion "AS IS" and no changes will be taken (except due to correcting translation).

16th June, 2010, 06:44 PM
Hmm. I expected at least few thanks for this thread. I started translating another text by same author, "Good and Bad Remap", with all explaining how things work, pictures from dyno and other stuff, but now, I think I'll end with that translation because it's useless, obviously.

16th June, 2010, 06:50 PM
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Expensive will be when they take cracked WinOLS, Chinese Galletto clone, put themselves to tuner position and then on the end have „chocolate of pistons“, then will be expensive.

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20th June, 2010, 04:33 PM
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No one will read something interestening,but ask dumb question about how to fix the shit they have created,by trying Need For Speed like Chiptuning on theyr car:shot:

20th June, 2010, 05:35 PM
trying Need For Speed like Chiptuning on theyr car:shot:
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1st July, 2011, 10:40 AM
i would like a box for my Shogun 3.6 GDi petrol v6 direct injection engine 2002 . is this ok : Mitsubishi Shogun 2007 on : Tuning Wizard - High performance chip upgrades, fuel savers and much more, unleash your vehicles full potential. (http://www.tuningwizard.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=104_464_1623) ?
anybody knows a better provider for chip box? This ecu its hard to remap , so i really need a box.

What is strange about the Tuning Wizard - High performance chip upgrades, fuel savers and much more, unleash your vehicles full potential. (http://www.tuningwizard.co.uk) is that they sell also box for 2.8 td engine of pajeros, that engine doenst have ECU,i am sure about this because i have also a shogun 2.8 TD year 1999 , but how they sell this box of a car without ecu ? :)) very very strange