View Full Version : cuple of questions about tuning ecms

22nd June, 2010, 06:43 AM
hi have a cuple of questions about tuneing ecms in big rigs frist and foremost witch softwear does what im currently geting cummins insite but what cables do i need to get for it to work?

and what programs do i need for volvo and internationals? and what cables do i need for that i think u need some sort of harness for volvo but what softwear? and i kno its probally a strech but if i could get a working schematic?

and also curently getting catipller et i think it is? but what does catipllier sis do? its almost 50 gigs dont wanna dl it if its no good for me again where do i get cables anyhelp would be greatly apprecaited

sry if this is in the wrong section

26th June, 2010, 04:04 AM
if ecms are being tuned in the truck all are 6 or 9 pin connectors. most common connector and best is the nexiq. if you are going to program ecms not in the truck cummins has many bench top harnesses one for each series of ecm such as cm800, cm850, isb, isc, etc. cat also has several different harnesses 70 pin, 40 pin, etc. international engines srervicemaxx can be used. and not to sure about volvo, do not know what htey use on their own engines. just be sure you know what you need to change to tune, can make bad choices very easily. hope this helps a little:p

26th June, 2010, 04:28 AM
like already was stated, The nexiq usb adapter is what you need to get, works with Cat Et and Cummins insite, those are the only 2 I work with. for cummins you require an incal dvd, and basically you download a new flash file with a higher rpm. Cat you do the same thing, bumped a truck from 475hp to 550hp at work today actually, you are required to go onto cat SIS, and download the recal, and then flash the ecm, change a few other things as well, and there you go. the whole time you require passwords, though that is the tricky part if you are trying to do it on your own, going through Cat and cummins of course cost money, there are ways around it though.