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16th July, 2010, 05:37 PM
Hi!! i need some help please, im buy a new MB Multiplexer with Xentry and install it in my laptop, i want it to check the Mercedes Benz OM Series Industrial Engine of my Claas Jaguar 870(Silage harvester) im a Agricultural technician but i never use this system, the harvester have to test a ADM 14 PIN in frontal panel, I have a bridge USB to COM in my laptop to plug in in this the multilpexer connector. The multiplexer shows a green ligth, but when i want to start test by the ADM its say an error, its like if he not found the engine or something, i don't know if i have to switch on electrical systems of the harvester, i test it with the switch off (battery connected but not ready to start engine XD), but i dont, know , smebody can help me ?
show me a guide or tell me step by step! plz
i need help to make this work
Thanks for your time, and sorry my english is bad.!



17th July, 2010, 02:32 AM
you have to turn key on and make sure you have it con figuared right and it should work