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10th August, 2010, 01:04 AM
in it he discusses a treasure the knights templars smuggled to europe, a treasure too great for 1 man alone

can you tell me what that was?

No, no one at this point can, but i can give you some clues.
Modern day thinking is that the order was set up to protect people making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem... This is wrong and i can clearly show reasoning for this.

Shortly after the Crusaders wiped out everyone in the surrounding areas (and got done gutting their remains to make sure that Muslims and Jews didnt swallow their valuables) The Knights Hospitalier was founded at the Amalfi Hostelry in Jerusalem to provide food and lodging to the pilgrims who had survived long enough to make it there.
These founding monks gained a lot of power in a short space of time both from donations from the ever increasing travel the region saw and from gifts imparted from the newly established Christian setup.
The head honcho was clearly ambitious politicaly because he had vision enough to recruit knights and form a military arm (something unthinkable from a bunch of lowly monks)

This was given a formal constitution (called a "rule" back in the day) from the Pope back in 1118 under the banner of "the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem."

Anyway a frenchman by the name of Hugues de Payen established another order in the same year, founding "The Order of the Poor Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon" with 8 other members.
This is whats became known today as the "Knights Templar."
Anyway as was local custom at the time King Baldwin II (who was the patriarch of Jerusalem at the time) readily supported them and set them up inside lodgings in the eastern wing of his palace, this just "happened" to back on to the Al-Aqsa mosque.

This also "happened" to be situated on the site of Solomons Temple.
They appointed themselves as guardians of the Judaean roads with the mission of protecting pilgrims making the trip from the port at Jaffa towards Jerusalem.
How nine knights where supposed to police a road that size is beyond me, its not a small civilised area. It saw regular disorder with local bandits and insurgesnts like the Saracens. The task seems absurd.

Records from Baldwins Chaplain (the guy whos job it was to keep records of everything) show absoloutly nothing of this, in fact theres no real mention of them till 1121 and thats from a Count from Anjou called Falk V who lodged with them a while, other records from before are sorely lacking.
As far as can be told the templars never left their building for over nine years.

Theres still traces of excavations they had made under herods temple which was later constructed over solomons, which had a mosque slapped on top of the site for good measure, Jerusalem being what it is has changed hands considerably over the centuries. and things got built on the sites of other things every time the place changed hands.

Looking through historical evidence the only real working theory to be deduced is that the order set up under the guise of protection to conduct research and obtain artifacts from the temple of solomon, Graham Hancock even noted that there where still tunnels underneath, citing an old israeli archeological report explaining that there are tunnels but that they lay blocked in places from cave ins, they where able to see that the tunnels extended further but unable to obtain the right to excavate from the Moslem authorities.

Royal Engineer Charles Wilson led another excavation and unearthed plenty of templar artefacts beneath Herods temple that are now housed in Scotland.

The next real records of the templars date from 1126 when Hugues de Payen announced that he was making it his personal mission to journey west and actively recruit for the order.
Funnily enough this was the same year that Baldwin kicked the bucket, so they had lost their benefactor.
Shuggie wandered through Europe before comming into contact with St. Bernard who took the relatively new and small order under his wing and got wee shug in to see the Pope.
In 1128 Hugues finaly met the pope and gained a "rule" for the order, this was an important step because it meant that the Order was legitimised by vatican law and established them as an official order rather than just a bunch of monks.
It also set out a code of practices and conduct and gave them the legal right to wear their very own mantles, the distinctive white with red crosses.

Recruitment began booming with the caveat that new recruits adopt a probationary years trial and take a vow of poverty, giving all their worldly posetions to the order, even up to and including their hair, newbies got a skinhead and where forbade from shaving (giving rise to the templars impressive beards)

Frankly the money began roll in and it wasnt long before they began hiring working classes (whom wore brown with red crosses so symbolise impurity) and Clerics (green with red crosses) who where the only literary sect, workers and knights where both largely illiterate, the clerics could speak a number of languages, form and break codes, write in multiple languages etc, these took care of all the record keeping and thinking stuff.

It wasnt long before they gained high memberships and wealth that outweighed most kings and began to feel arrogant.
Since they had some fancy latin "rule" shouldnt they have one in their own tongue?

The order unilatteraly decided to create their "French Rule", this was very simmilar in mos repects but has one significant difference.
In the latin rule it was decreed that "where non-excommunicated knight are gathered you must go."

In the french rule its decreed that "we command you to go where excommunicated knights are gathered."

The first instinct is to presume an error, but the order had some of the finest thinkers of the day and an army of clergy to check and recheck such an important document, if there was an error, it would have been spotted in one of the several readthroughs the rule would initialy have before being made law.

The only other explanation then is that it was the protection of heretics.

This put them squarely in the sights of the church who already had concerns over the sheer scale of the order and their overnight rise to power and fortune.

Christianity was at stake, turns out what the Templars had uncovered was far more valuable than the ark of the covenant or the holy grail, it was specific truths about the origins of christianity.
Christianity had been founded on a sham, it was direct copy paste from both earlier religions and plagerised heavily from Judaism.

Take Jesus Christ for instance, Jeasus is a greek interpretation of the Hebrew "Yehoshua" litteraly meaning "Yahweh Delivers" or in modern speak "the one that will bring Victory" or "Delivered from God"

Christ is from Christos which is a greek interpretation of "Messiah" which litteraly means "one who will become the rightfull king of the Jews"
Only later through twisting of the church did it come out of its Hebrew/Aramaic form to now mean "one who brings salvation throught the redemption of sin."
Jews had used the term long before any of the spiritual stuff took any hold.

Westerners have an easy time generaly seperating religion from state, but back in the day religion was viewed much like it is in Iran where theres no line between them, back in ancient Jerusalem and Rome there was absoloutly no way you could convince the average person that their plight with god was any different to national politics.

work hard and gain the favour of god and he will provide a messiah, or soneome who will take the throne and free you from the opression you currently faced.

Early Christianity bought in heavily to this, what better way to keep the jews towing the line and building your empire than to give them a religion they could really get behind, hence the Jesus/Christ terminology in the new testaments.

It caught on like wildfire and the Jews loved it, they had their man who would be king and free them from bondage if only they tried that little bit harder and put up with just a little more oppression.
Jews didnt want nor nead some mythical being, they just wanted another political leader on par with their former king David.

It spread on from there through rome and the surrounding regions where apeasing one new fasionable deity was far simpler than appeasing the several then in existance.
The romans wanted some mythos and spirituality in the mix instead of just a story regarding try harder and you'll be freed stuff.

People wanted to know more and as more and more litterate people got clued into it cracks began to form from the close resemblance to a lot of hebrew texts, the god forsaken Jews where grinding the system to a halt, so the church ordered the burning of a lot of hebrew stuff, added ammendments like the crucifixion and reserection to give the illusion of power to the churches ministers and added in that the Jews where clearly backstabbing mongrels due to Barabbas being freed over old Jay Cee.

It should be noted here that Barabbas is essentialy Bar and Abba combined. Bar simply means "son of" and in Bar Mitzvah (mitzvah means "commandment") and abba essentialy means "father", Barabbas is simply a term for "son of god."

Anyway the romans had their scapegoat and could easily bump off a few jews who spouted heresey about copied religions, after all they freed a mass murderer over their savior right?

The church didnt like this comming to light, how dare some stupid band of monks have the audacity and arrogance to proclaim such heresy?
King Philip of france was equaly upset, i mean how can one trully take to a throne as ordained by god, if the religion that gave him the power to rule turned out to be nothing more than a fairy tail to make some jews and romans tow the line?

So doing what any sensible person in the position of loosing the rule of an entire country would do, he had them assassinated, gave them the bump on Friday the 13th october 1307 (which is where the unlucky 13 and black friday stem from)

The fairly recent unearthing of the Dead Sea Scrolls go on to prove some of this and have a great deal to say about Christianity, the gospel of thomas is a particularly good read and theres a lot of differing accounts of old JC to be had amongst them, ideas dropped from the final version of the new testaments much like film clippings on an editors floor.

So what exactly did the Templars find whilst digging? who knows but they got a whole lot more than they bargained for.

10th August, 2010, 01:20 AM
Just realised that i never really gave any account of what the Temple of Solomon actualy was.

It was a simple small temple commisioned by King Solomon about the size of a simple village church, constructed from stone and cedar, gold floor and seperate chamber designed to house a timber chest.

The chest would contain three things, the two tablets of commandments and the third being the spirit of Yahweh/Jahova/God depending on translation.

This simple box (4' x 2' x 2') was decorated with gold had a nice heavy rectangular lid with gold covered wooden cherubs on it.
not newfangled cherubs like fat babies but old school, will tear your face off if you mess with them cherubs.

Simply put it was a simplistic building constructed not for human worship but to house the Ark of the Covenant.

Whether or not the Templars ever managed to excavate this remains a mystery, would be pretty awesome if they had though. If only to see face melty stuff like Indiana Jones Nazis

The chamber termend the holiest of holies was in complete darkness all year round and securely locked, once a year a high priest would enter and offer up a scapegoat as per ritual of the time, before locking it tightly and getting the hell away till next year.

10th August, 2010, 01:29 AM
in the Holy Qu'ran, it states that beneath the throne of Prophet Sulayman, was buried many books of black magic, books that wer confiscated from people learning the black arts.
this was the only way to ensure no1 could get to them

The "temple" as you say was infact Masjid Al-Aqsa, he had it rebuilt and extended after it was knocked down (by people or earthquake i cant remember off the top of my head so dont quote me)

He had been given the prophecy to rule mankind and jinn (extra dimensional beings)

The "treasure" that the knights templar found were none other than these books of black magic

thats why its was too great for any one man to handle

10th August, 2010, 02:06 AM
seriosly, please answer me

1.Why is it that freemasons have the symbol of the one eye?

2.What is the significance of the temple of solomon to the free masons?

YouTube - ‪The Arrivals pt.35 (The Temple of Solomon)‬‎

10th August, 2010, 01:40 PM
interesting subject Chroma :
i have heard many times that the jews let jesus go and there was no crucifixion ?
and the romans blamed the jews anyway ....
and re wrote the bible to make it real to pacify and remain the non aggressors ?

on this and many other subjects of the same ilk
you have to ask :

why all the fighting and bloodshed and so on for a bit of land that is jerusalem ?

why even from a jewish ,christian .muslim or any other religios point of view ?

whats it got that is so special to all these religions ?

to add abit of contention its in my oppinion more than just religious ...
surely there must be something else ?
it just doesnt make sense not to be (personaly speaking )

but in fact does go to show cloak and dagger or proven conspiracys have been with us a long time
not conspiracy theorys but real conspiracy ....

as an end note all this stuffs real melting pot
and poses immotive subjets
so guys dont get too immotional about it
take time weigh up the facts and have a debate not a slagging match
it doesnt help anyone it clouds the issue

cheers .......racin snake

just an after thought of which ime prone lol
why is it that we only see the conspiracy after the stuffs been done ?
is there anything to suggest any conspiracys been thwarted before it came to fruition ?
with all this
is it not a real intuative and esential subject to look for modern conspiracy now ?
more than ever
as it affects us now ..right here .....in our present