View Full Version : Launch control on ME7 ?

10th August, 2010, 03:50 AM
does any of you tried to make a launch control from a ME7 ecu ?


Other way to do it ?

10th September, 2010, 09:03 PM
Its been done, copy from nefmoto

VNMX (1157E) The vehicle speed for activating the raised (normal) rev limit. We set this as low at it goes (1.25 km/h) so the launch control shuts off as soon as you start moving off the line.
DNMAXH (16304) This is the RPM above rev limit when the fuel cut comes on. Tweaking this helps make more boost on the limiter. I use 50 RPM
ITNMXH (16308) Dwell time under lower limit before activating the upper limit. We set this to 0 seconds
NMAX (1630A) Ends up being the launch RPM. I've found 4500 RPM works well.
NMAXOG (16312) This is the raised RPM limit which becomes the standard limit. Mine is set at 7100 RPM
TMOTNMX (16316) Coolant temp for activating raised (normal) rev limit. We set this at -48 so that it can activate at any coolant temp.
TNMXH (1631A) This is the time duration of the raised (normal) rev limit. We set this at it's maximum value of 655.3500 seconds. I haven't had a problem yet with this and have been testing for months.

I am very interested in holding revlimit, not cutting fuel, and keeping throttle open. Any ideas from anybody out there.