View Full Version : Howto unlock OBD-DIAG 4000

31st January, 2011, 03:25 PM

i have this diag adapter, i bought it 2 years ago for just resetting obd-errorcodes, it?s fine for that.

In theory the thing features a atmel which connects to the serial2usb and on the other side to the canbus of the car. So it?s just software and i can have raw can access.. There is also a version 4000+ which features raw can access, i think it?s just a change in the software. So i can flash the atmel and have access..

Does anyone have a image for the atmel to feature can access and behave like a galletto on the usbside? Think galetto is also just a usb2serial adapter.

I don?t have a flasher for that sort of atmel but should be easy to build one. So would be nice to have a way to flash this thing via USB (which should be possible if there is some flashcode implemented in the current software)