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25th April, 2011, 07:02 PM

New VIX Image - v1.1
27/09/2010 - OE1.6

From VIX Team

Based on Official 5.2 Image

Enigma: 22-09-2010-experimental.
Enigma Plugins: 22.09.2010.
GCC Version: 4.4.3.

Team VIX Enhancements

All the same Enhancements as the previous image, along with some extra enhancements, as listed below...

New Enhancements in v1.1

VIX 1.1 Bootlogos and Radio Logo.
EPG Importer now renamed to RyVIX and using latest sources file.
EPG Download from transponders - This incorporates the EIT, MHW, FREESAT & VIASAT downloads. To enable/disable, change your settings in the Menu -> Setup -> System -> Customise.
CrossEPG included in image as default - A modified version of the CrossEPG importer has been installed in image as default. Settings for this can be found in Menu -> Setup -> VIX -> CrossEPG. This version has been modified to remove spaces at the beginning of the title. It is a modified version of the original beta, that also downloads more titles and summaries, to give a fuller epg.
VIX Team Softcam Manager - Rewritten, softcams can now be installed and managed independently.
VIX Team Device Manager - This enables you to choose where you want to mount USB Sticks, USB HDDs, etc. This can be found in Menu -> Setup -> VIX -> Device Manager. The device manager can handle Swap partitions, as well as other paritions, and start the swap partition upon boot (this does not require you to use the swap file manager, but swap partitions must be setup manually). Swap partitions are automatically set up to run.
VIX Team Image Manager - This enables you to backup and restore your image (nb, we are talking the whole image, not just settings). This can be found in Menu -> Setup -> VIX -> Image Manager. You can choose where to store your backups to, either HDD or USB. /media/hdd/imagebackups or /media/usb/imagebackups folder (setup by pressing menu, whilst your in Image Manager).
VIX Team Overscan fix - This is the fix to remedy any overscan people had in the previous release. To use this, go to Menu -> Setup -> VIX -> Skin Settings and alter the "Menu Overscan amount" to suit your display.
Ability to format usb sticks to ext2/3 - it will only let you format a device that is not a HARD DRIVE use the Initialise menu item in the HARDDISK menu for HDD's
WebInterface Remote control - The Web Remote used in the WebInterface now shows the Vu Duo remote control, with all buttons mapped correctly.
Software Manger Installed as default, and skinned for VIX - This also allows for System Update, to keep the image up to date when alterations are made to some of the core features.
Alternative skins can be used - Only the skins from the plugin server are compatible.
New plugins feed - Added Bouquets and Skins to the download server.
Added option to disable the spinner (egg timer) - Change the setting of "Show Animation while busy" in Menu -> Setup -> System -> Customise.
Added option to disable the channel numbers in Channel List - BMCC bouquet's have Channel Numbers in their channel name, so you get them twice in channel list.
Added option to enable/disable panic button (goes direct to channel 1).
Updated Cool TV Guide to 2.10, slightly tweaked, changed default button map to: red: Zap + Exit, long red: Zap, green: IMDb Search, long green: Channel Info, yellow: Search, long yellow: IMDb Search, blue: AutoTimer, long blue: Timer, OK: Channel Info, Record: Instant Timer Record (no edit timer popup), epg: Opens Single View PG, and added IMDb search
Added HDMI to Video Setup
Added a shutdown screen going to deep standby.
Network manager will run automatically upon first start up, to help set up your network.
Added Wireless Lan Support - This is automatically enabled in the image. To set up, use the Network manager on first boot, or from the Menu -> Setup -> System -> Network.
Added Network Browser to help you setup share mounts.
Added Smargo Support - This is automatically enabled in image. To use, put the following lines in CCcam.cfg:

BOXKEY: /dev/ttyUSB0 xx xx xx xx
SERIAL READER : /dev/ttyUSB0 smartreader+

Bug Fixes in v1.1

CCcam Info Font Size - In the ECM Info / Entitlements windows
Help Screen crashes - No longer crash when go to the 3rd help screen
Media Player Progress - The progress bar was in the way of the Media Player, causing problems viewing it...
Softcam case sensitive - The Softcam Manager requires the softcam config files and these file are case-sensitive, So now the Softcam Manager warns you that the config file does not exist, if it is not the correct case.
Added skinning elements to the plugins, so you can now use the default skins (Default_Skin, 750s, Vu HD, kerni-hd1r2 & dmconcinnity-hd), but as for others it will use them but ONLY if they don't use extra plugins like "ExtreamInfo.py" that is used in VTI 's infobar if you remove it then the skin should work. (open the skin.xml do a search for 'ExtreamInfo', and remove those elements found, then the skin skin should run ok, please post skin that you get working and i will sad then to our skin feed.
Network Adapter Setup - IP Address was not fully being shown.
Picons bug - Once you had setup Picons on internal flash, it would not allow you to change to HDD or USB.

Button Mappings

Short Red - Show current event info.
Long Red - Show current channel EPG info.
Short Green - Timers.
Long Green - AutoTimer Timers.
Short Yellow - EPG Search.
Long Yellow - IMDB Database.
Short Blue - Extensions.
Long Blue - Plugins Menu.
EPG - Opens the Cool TV EPG plugin

Known Bugs

Motor moving image does not display - Problem with main driver, reported to VU+.
Front VFD display showing the play button at the end of a video unless it is stopped manually - Problem with main driver, reported to VU+.
ECM time on second info bar in skin is not currently shown - New version of CCcam needed for OE1.6. (libgcc_s.so fix is unstable).
Installing other skins will cause the box to get into an infinite loop. Only use supported skins on this image (currently Vu_HD_Plus, Default_Skin, 750s, Vu HD, kerni-hd1r2 & dmconcinnity-hd are the only supported skins) - but others can be used, but ONLY if they don't use extra plugins like "ExtreamInfo.py" that is used in VTI 's infobar if you remove it then the skin should work. (open the skin.xml do a search for 'ExtreamInfo', and remove those elements found, then the skin skin should run ok, please post skin that you get working and i will sad then to our skin feed.



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