View Full Version : ViX Team ALICE Picons For UK Channels [28.2E and DTT] By Silverfox0786

30th April, 2011, 05:52 AM
Hi guys i have worked very hard to bring you my all new Vix Team Alice Picons for 28.2E HD and SD and also SD DTT

These Picons are broken down to

HD & SD 28.2E 100px by 60px Picons
SD 28.2E 100px by 60px Picons
UK DTT 100px 60px Picons

I will not be making 71px by 53px Picons as making these was hard enough but you may use the SD 28.2E Picons and use a batch resizer to achive SD Picons

Hope you like them if they are popular i will be happy to start other satellites