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27th May, 2011, 08:36 AM
Hello DK!

I already did removing fap on this engine, it is EDC16C34 with newer ECU 0 281 013 xxx with Ecusa*e 2. I cannot find options in pp2000 to disable options in BSI related to dpf.

So, customer says that car still starting to regenerate dpf, after some time he got messages related to DPF. Main problem is that car blocking under 3000rps from time to time, DTCs are from DPF/FAP.

I tried with resistors too, but without success.

I dont have any idea what to do, customer removed FAP physically, so after this dpf repair going to be very very expensive.

27th May, 2011, 12:57 PM
try to configure parameters in injection configuration and try check injectors code in injection=>coding=> manually coding=>
enter injector's code...

27th May, 2011, 12:59 PM
If i right you have trouble codes like this: ABS/ESP error, Engine managment faulty, antipollution fault and risk of particular filter blocking...

27th May, 2011, 06:10 PM
::antipollution fault and risk of particular filter blocking::: this DTC dont have ABS/ESP error or ECM fault, I checked injector codes are OK.

Today customer reported me that engine started exhaust blue smoke.

28th May, 2011, 06:18 AM
ask citronel (http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/members/65918-citronel/) he is de man for fab psa

If you need the link let me know.
Do not know if I can post it here

from PSA Club Romania (citronel)

FAP Sensor Regeneration & Turbo temperature
- exhaust gas temperature monitoring.
Click for test page - Device has been tested on engine 1.6 HDI FAP 110CP.
Description of device:

This device signal exhaust gas temperature of FAP filter using LED's as follows:
Temperatura gaze evacuate Turbo < 200?C

If the gas temperature is below 200 ? C yellow LED in the middle will be ON.
Now it is safe for Tubo to stop the car.

Temperatura gaze evacuate Turbo in intervalul 200-400?C If the gas temperature is between 200 - 399 ? C all the LED will be OFF.
Normal temperature after the engine is warm is > 200 ? C and to not distract the driver from the road especially at night all LED's are OFF.

If the gas temperature increases the LED will be ON one by one as follows:
temperatura gaze evacuate > 400?C

Begin natural regeneration of FAP filter.
temperature of exhaust gases > 400?C

temperatura gaze evacuate > 450?C
Natural regeneration of FAP filter.
temperature of exhaust gases > 450?C

temperatura gaze evacuate > 500?C
Begin forced regeneration of FAP filter.
temperature of exhaust gases > 500?C

temperatura gaze evacuate > 550?C
Forced regeneration of FAP filter.
temperature of exhaust gases > 550?C

temperatura gaze evacuate ~ 600?C
Forced regeneration of FAP filter.
temperature of exhaust gases ~ 600?C

Overcome the dangerous temperature of 600 ? C is indicated by LEDs on flashing one by one.
If the temperature exceeds 600 ? C for a long period it is risk to damage the FAP filter and high risk of fire in the engine compartment.

If the engine is turned off injection computer will go in stand by mode after a few seconds and no longer sends signal, this is signaled by flashing LED's, this function simulates an alarm system.
FAP filter regeneration.

Regeneration consists of burning ash from FAP filter at a temperature of 450-600 ? C and is normally invisible to driver.
Regeneration FAP filter lasts ~ 10 minutes.
Interruption of regeneration before FAP filter will be completely cleaned will lead to FAP filter clogging.
Interruption the regeneration will be recorded in computer-injection by an error code P0422:

Before FAP filter regeneration to take place several conditions must be fulfilled:
- The engine is hot > 60 ?C.
- Speed is higher than 60km / h.
- FAP filter loading to be > 50%.
- In the fuel tank to be minimum 1/4 diesel.


- Device it's calibrated for many HDI engines: 1.6 HDI, 2.0 HDI... with Particle Filter System ( FAP / DPF ) and controlled by different injection computers BOSCH, SIEMENS...
- Device calibration can't be modified by the user ( only at special request ), sw of the IC is protected and can not be read / copied / changed by user.
- The power consumed by device is ~ 32 ma/h when the engine is stopped and LED's pulsating.
- The power consumed by device is ~ 130ma/h when all LED's are lit.
- Device dimensions are ~ 5x3x3cm and is not done on electronic PCB.
- Installation of this device on the car and connection to injection computer was tested with tester PSA XS EVOLUTION - Lexia v4.2 & PP2000 - and not interfere with the smooth running of the injection computer and other systems of the car.
- Device works only on PSA HDI engines that have a downstream temperature sensor for FAP filter !


If the device starts signaling regeneration try to choose a route that will allow free running constantly with a minimum speed of 50km / h for the next 10 minutes.
There is no sense to force the engine, you can not rush the time of regeneration, it is enough to go steady.
If the speed drops below 30km / h for more than 15s regeneration is interrupted.
If regeneration was interrupted before it is completed is likely that in the next 50-100km will try a new regeneration if the conditions mentioned above are completed.
Before you stop the engine wait until the yellow LED lights, gas temperature drops to below 200 ? C thus protecting turbine.
During regeneration cycle DON'T stop the engine, gas temperature is very high !

28th May, 2011, 06:43 PM

if I understand well it is monitoring system not something that can help with removed FAP sytem and bad tuned ECU?

29th May, 2011, 06:29 AM

if I understand well it is monitoring system not something that can help with removed FAP sytem and bad tuned ECU?
yes with this device you can remove the fab complete.
only a few wires to connect.

sorry for the late response.
My computer had a virus yesterday