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7th June, 2011, 12:08 AM

i have this prob start i thinks a first day, but never resolve

when i watch tv replay by internet, a fan start after few minutes until 6200/7000 rpm and cpu or heath its super hot.??????

i thinks is prob, because use flash. but not sure

my mac is a unibody (oct.2009) 2,4 ghz with 4go ram

thanks for advance for all help you can share.

hope read you too

7th June, 2011, 02:49 AM
Them mac books do heat up quite a bit, is it a macbook pro by any chance?... the dedicated gpu's in the "pro's" do create a lot more heat in the case. I have the older first gen macbook pro model and I was very surprised at how hot it gets even when in idle.

Only thing you can try is to take it apart and clean any dust out of it, and from around the heatsinks and maybe repaste the cpu, gpu too. The new models are more tamper proof, I think you need a tri-wing screwdriver to get the motherboard out.

Install iStat for reading temps on the chips, and install smcfancontrol. I HAD to install this ironically enough to make my fans run faster, because with the old mac book pro's the fans dont really spin fast enough at idle temps so you have to set your own fan speed. You could use smcfancontrol to set a lower rpm to make it more quiet, but best clean out the laptop first incase the lower fan speed kills something, because the mac is more less increasing the fan speeds to save the mac and keep it cool.

7th June, 2011, 08:06 PM
thank you for your reply

I'll try smcFanControl
on the dust, I take care of mac, but I'll watch.

me is the first unibody, not "pro "

I think this is a prob from Apple, which can not handle the flash video "

thank you, I want you to know

if others have thoughts of track, I'm interested.