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11th January, 2012, 09:27 PM
Hi all,

Seem to have some problems with the setup of my ET 9200, that I am hoping someone will help with.

My setup is as follows:

Two satellites (one connected to 28.2 (UK TV) and the other to 19.2(German TV))
Satellite 1 has quad LNB
Satellite 2 has single LNB
One feed from first satellite together with the feed from the second satellite go through a DISEqc switch to a single cable to ET 9200 (Xtrend supplied cable joining Tuner 1 to Tuner 2; i.e. loop through)
SNR is typically 8-12db with BER at 0
Current software image is VIX 2.3 build 153 (same issue happened with latest build of Open pli)
New decent quality cable installed 6 months ago

The switching works fine as I am able to view all of the channels when not recording.

Basically I cannot choose another channel when recording a different one which is one of the main reasons for buying the unit in the first place!!

This does not seem to occur all of the time therefore I am at a loss as to why

I have tried re-flashing images and setting the SECOND Tuner as simple with DISEqc switch, loop through and equal to, but with no success!

Does anyone have an explanation as to what is happening, or as the box is only 3 weeks old, is should I be returning it as faulty?

I have spent quite a few hours looking through forums and have come across the issue of the SR 30000 problems but as far as I can tell, the channels I am looking at do not fall into this category.

On a second issue, there seems to be an issue with rewinding/fast forwarding when viewing a recorded movie.

When going above x8 speed, the picture moves forward but when I get to the point where I want to play then it reverts back to the point where I STARTED rewinding/fast forwarding.

It does work however using the keys to move it forward a set amount (i.e. keys 1 and 3) or holding the rewind/forward buttons and typing in a value; again does anyone have any ideas???

Many thanks


11th January, 2012, 10:22 PM
The problem is your setup and the fact that you have every thing routed through the one tuner, meaning that you can only watch channels that are on the same transponder and satellite as those that are currently recording. now loop-through does offer you some more options but not many. you really do need both tuners to be connected to their own feeds to take the full advantage of this receiver.

why dont you put one of the extra feeds from the Quad sky lnb to the second tuner thus allowing you to be able to always have access to the sky channels to watch when recording something else ?.

14th January, 2012, 03:36 PM
Make sure that your box has the new drivers installed for the rewind/forward issue, dated 12/12/11.

16th January, 2012, 10:16 AM
Thanks for the replies.

The other half doesn't want any more holes drilled as we recently redecorated the living room, hence the reason for wanting a loopthrough tuner.

Now i know that it doesn't fully work, then i had better start sweet talking the other half!

Regarding the drivers; all of the software is up to date as far as i am aware (software check through the box daily!).

Unless there are additional drivers that need to be downloaded separately??