View Full Version : ecu cpc2 detroit freightliner

14th February, 2012, 06:44 AM
hi fellas!! i have a problem i did a swap with a couple of detroits epa 04 14L to epa 07 14L egr dpf ,but the new motors didnt have the cpc 2 so i went to freightliner and bought 2 ecu but they come blank so my question is ?what do i need to reprogram this ecu,s this comes to be like a multiplex j1939 in a isx cummins. If someone can help or guide me step by step thanks in advance and i appreciate for you :bawling:reading this post PM is fine if you have any tip!!!

14th February, 2012, 09:35 AM
u need ddrs 7.0 or up this will make it wo u can reprogame them but u will need some one to hook u up with the cpc software ect
also in the software there is a A&I manuel with all info u will need on recal and wiring ect