View Full Version : Black Hole Vu+ Ultimo 1.7.2 (media-tree)

26th February, 2012, 07:10 AM
Black Hole Vu+ Ultimo 1.7.2 (media-tree)backup by sat4fun The Black Hole 1.7.2 is the most "stable" and fast version of 3.1.1 releases. Based on Offilcial Vuplus image 7.0 Kernel: 3.1.1 Vuplus drivers: 20120126 Vuplus DvbApp: 20120204 MeoBoot: 1.0 Skin: Army MooD HD updated NEW NEW NEW: Next generation Usb Tuner Drivers (media-tree bh build) Wifi drivers: rt3070 driver updated with some BH patches Fixed: Prevent crashes in plugins using infobar (double ok crash) Fixed: Vuplus WirelessLanSetup bug (Cannot generate Passphrase) Changelog Vu+ drivers: clean & speed up dmx driver Add gstreamer plugin fragmented Kernel: add igmp.patch Fix serviecmp3 bug: stop response timeout when stream is HLS. Fix youtube player of webbrowser launcher plugin: add code to select stream quality. NetworkSetup.py : fix checkNetworkCB function to prevent crash error HDMICEC : fix default device name Vuplus Event : input 7 SN_b for MSA Webbrowser: fix build bug.

Download (http://hotfile.com/dl/147747292/b5dbe4b/Black_Hole_Vu_Ultimo_1.7.2_%28media-tree%29_Backup_by_sat4fun.rar.html)

29th April, 2013, 07:41 PM
will this work on a vu duo original?

29th April, 2013, 08:43 PM
will this work on a vu duo original?

not when the title has Vu Utimo in its wording, also bneing over 12 months old Blackhole images have moved on a tad currently on 2.02 Rev C