View Full Version : how to spot a clone or genuine starview or the box

5th May, 2008, 06:32 PM
1 genuine starview/the box has 7 air vents by 27 slits on top of the box and scarts are on theright
2 clone 7 vents with 17 slits and the scarts are on the left and thers no clone safe software youll just brick it the most expensive doorstop in history

10th May, 2008, 07:03 PM
Bit vague that, what about genuine mark 1 Starview's that the clones were based on? I have one an they have the same amount of slots. The internal pics that are posted around on the net and probably on here are a more reliable source of information. Most people know what they have now since the Starview is not made anymore. There is clone safe firmware, it is version 2.57e_E with the keyroll algorithm modified by SunRise, now called Cryptstar (clone safe). It's great to post info to help others but please be accurate with it. Clones can be modified by a chip so they can accept any Starview firmware also.
P.S....this is the Eurovox section. :dong: