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3rd July, 2012, 11:48 PM
OpenPli solo fully loaded no password.rar (http://www.mediafire.com/?z6m2ma7b1obhsfa)

you will find it has no password set yet. you would do well to set the password once yo have installed it. (putty from Download PuTTY - a free SSH and telnet client for Windows (http://www.putty.org)) enter your boxes ip address then click on the telnet button. once you connect to box enter root then press enter. then next command you should use is passwd this command will let you set a new password you need to enter this twice.

The softcams are cccam 209 and oscam stable and oscam unstable and oscam experimental.
cccam is located in etc/cccam.cfg there is dummy info just substitute your details for the details in the config file.

oscam is located in etc/tuxbox/conf/stable/oscam.server
oscam is located in etc/tuxbox/conf/unstable/oscam.server
oscam is located in etc/tuxbox/conf/experimental/oscam.server

there is dummy info just substitute your details for the details in the oscam.server file.

once you have it set just right place a txt file on a usb pen called backupstick.txt go into plugins and on the second page at the top is full backup to usb. press ok on it then follow the details. once it has been backed up save the vuplus dir to your computer.

10th March, 2013, 12:37 PM

first off apologies for being a total cloan. Will this image work on a VU+ Solo clone?

and secon, how would i flash this?

I have no experience with these boxes as currently use a DM800SE and also a TM800.. dont ask lol

Anyway just looking for some advice on how to flash it and best image to use. I believe this is done via USB but just want to ensure i do it right and not brick the box before its even set up.

Thanks in advance.


10th March, 2013, 10:34 PM
All you have to do is place the unzziped file to the root of your fat32 usb pen. ie when you look at the pendrive dir it should have a dir on called vuplus and in that dir it should say solo. place in usb in the front or back hold the tiny little push button in the centre of the back of your box in for 6 seconds then let it update it only takes 5 mins. it will flash red or orange. DO NOT power down the box till it flashes green. most important wait 20 mins before you decide to switch it off if it is not flashing green.

I have a better image now to use still Open Pli but much better functions. I will get round to uploading it later.

11th March, 2013, 11:51 PM
cheers m8. just want to be sure that the image was safe for a clone solo.



21st October, 2016, 09:21 AM
What would you recomend the best dual 12 or single 15 set up would be for getting loud under 400?