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15th August, 2012, 05:49 PM
Brand New VIX Image ET 5x00

15/08/2012 - OpenViX 3.0.204
From VIX Team

GCC Version: 4.4.4
ET Kernel Version: 3.4.3
ET Drivers: 14-07-2012

All Users - A full flash is required
You can not use backup restore or online update from 2.4 with this image
In this image the core has been extensively rewritten by Andy in conjunction with the OE Alliance.
You are advised to take a full image backup before flashing.


Graphics and Text mode available.
Video Playback
All EPG screens now available while watching a recording, for easy switching back to Live TV or setting timers.
Channel Selection
Support added to change font sizes and number of rows.
Support added to have a 3rd event showing (Skin Dependent)
Support added to display start time and end time for all events shown.
EPG Selection
Added help screen to all epg selection screens.
Added support to change font sizes and number of rows.
Language Selection
Added English (UK) to available languages.
Added support for English (UK).
You may now sort Menus, Settings and Plugin Browser alphabetically.
Network Browser
Uses less memory during Scan.
Moved to new Setup Mounts screen.
New style webif now accessed using default port 80
Old style webif still available if required for use with certain PC signal meters and Fancontrol 2
About Screen
Added network info.
As part of streamlining the image, removed NFS, AFP, Samba, OpenVPN, Inadyn, MiniDLNA & uShare from default image (can now be installed/de-installed through Network setup screen)
On Screen Hints
Now available as options are selected.
Instant Record
from channel list, EPG or current channel.
Enhanced Movie List Features
It is now optional to play next movie, when the a movie reaches end, setup in menu of movie selection screen.
Latest Drivers (28/6/2012).
Loads of under the hood changes made for a smoother user experience.

Button Mappings

Short Red** & *** - Show current channel EPG info (ViX Single EPG).
Long Red ** & *** - Sort single EPG info when in channel list.
Short Green** & *** - Timers.
Long Green*** - AutoTimer Timers.
Short Yellow*** - EPG Search.
Long Yellow*** - Instant IMDB Database search on the current programme.
Short Blue - Extensions.
Long Blue*** - Plugins Menu.
EPG - Opens ViX EPG.
Left/Right** - Opens ViX QuickEPG.
Left/Right** - Opens ViX QuickEPG.
Up/Down** - Open Full Screen Channel List.
TV Button** - Open Full Screen Channel List.
Long TV Button - Open Bouquets List.
** Can be changed in ViX Menu
*** Can be turned off in ViX Menu

Special Thanks

rytec - for his continued support.
zoka.cc for his Picon sets
All developers for their plugins used in the feeds of this image.
All of the ViX Beta team for their hours of testing and dedication on getting this image working.
Rob van der Does, belierzz, rimas, Henkka, raivo, eesatfan, Zartmy, Trial & june8 for their translation work
Huevos for his work on blindscan
Gennart1 for dvb-as102 support
Markus625 for skin ViXBMC

Note: Not all 3rd party plugins have been tested or are guaranteed to be compatable.

If anyone is interested in doing any translation work for the plugins and the image itself, please contact either Andy or Sicilian


Stable release attached below

Download site for Latest Open Vix Builds (Beta's)

29th August, 2012, 04:25 PM
OpenViX 3.0-237


e2-git changelog

openvix: build 237
[epglist] fix BSOD when disabling service name in graphepg
openvix: build 236
openvix: build 235
[keymap] fix some remote buttons.
openvix: build 234
openvix: build 233
openvix: build 232
openvix: build 231
[channelselection] fix possible BSOD when trying to preview none existent service. 2nd attempt.
[channelselection] fix possible BSOD when trying to preview none existent service.
[epgselection] add options to control picon/servicename widths in graphing.
openvix: build 230
[getecminfo] fix MGcam
[epgselection] cleanup, and fix BSOD leaving single epg when opened from channel selection.
[ZapTimer] add channel to zap history and change to current service in channel selection screen.
[translations] RU remove duplicates.
[translations] RU updated thanks to 'WadimArt '
[translations] ET updated thanks to 'rimas'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
[epgselection] fix BSOD if no channel is currently playing when trying to exit.
openvix: build 229
InfoBar: Slightly streamline my previous path
InfoBar: Add confirmation before exit Movieplayer
openvix: build 228
openvix: build 227
openvix: build 226
openvix: build 225
dvbtime: enable transponder time sync by default
servicemp3: do not enable progressive download buffering by default
listboxservice: fix potential buffer overflows
listboxservice: fix illegal format specifiers
fix GSOD if eventView is not exist
When press exit in movieplayer also hide OSD when it is shown
Leave movieplayer on exit only when OSD is not shown
httpstream: recognise more playlist content types
[epgselection] fix exit after browsing epg without previewing.
little change in preview/zap
httpstream: add basic http authentication support
[MovieSelection] fix an issue where when browsing movie list when playing a avi/mkv on exiting movie list the current media file would restart from beginning.
httpstream: add redirect and playlist support
repair zap/prev in EPGs
openvix: build 224
openvix: build 223
servicemp3: enable GST_PLAY_FLAG_TEXT
openvix: build 222
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
epgcache: Add a "startswith" search type and a few optimizations
[About] fix possible BSOD
servicemp3: avoid setting GST_STATE_PLAYING repeatedly when buffer hits 100%
servicemp3: only set "user-agent" property if the property exists
openvix: build 221
servicemp3: no longer put the sinks in sync mode for stream playback
servicemp3: no not respond to buffering messages for live streams
openvix: build 220
openvix: build 219
servicemp3: add progressive download buffering support for streams
ServiceInfo: Add capability to put HbbTV URL on a skin
openvix: build 218
openvix: build 217
openvix: build 216
openvix: build 215
openvix: build 214
openvix: build 213
openvix: build 212
openvix: build 211
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master' (skipped all EPG related items, as they are not need for ViX)
GraphMultiEPG: Handle preview and zap correctly together with pipzap
modify string for gettext. Thanks to Dima73
openvix: build 210
openvix: build 209
openvix: build 208
openvix: build 207
cosmetics in cs.po
grade for temperature in C and F
Improved English translation
Improved Slovenian translation
Finetuning of degree sign in orbital positions
repair - do not close chanelselection
PliExtraInfo: Display degrees sign before orbital position
openvix: build 206
repair bug in zap-preview, less code
GraphMultiEPG: Highlite the current previewed service
[About] fix scrolling in NetworkInfo screen (add missing actions).
[About] fix scrolling in NetworkInfo screen.
GraphMultiEPG: Close recursive when zap is used
GraphMultiEPG: Allow to exit after zap
preview with TV button and close EPG after ZAP
preview in channelEPG and ZAP for single channelEPG
openvix: build 205
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
[ChannelSelection] clean up after merge
[About] fix BSOD
GetEcmInfo: Try to fix stuff for mgcamd
openvix: build 204
Channelselection: Declare startRoot in the correct place
ChannelSelection: Small improvements regards previewzap
ChannelSelection: Zap back to start service regards to preview
InfobarGenerics: Remove some white spaces
[Translations] DE update thanks Ralf

oe-git changelog

openvix: build 237
openvix: build 236
[enimga2-3rdparty-feeds] buyukbangpanel fix filename.
openvix: build 235
Added 3g modem manager
Updated BuyukBangPanel
[tmtwin] dvb-modules update 20120827
update directfb to 1.4.16
openvix: build 234
openvix: build 233
[enimga2-3rdparty-feeds] fix.
openvix: build 232
[channel-settings] add ViX set.
openvix: build 231
[enimga2-3rdparty-feeds] fix.
[channel-settings] add ViX set.
[enimga2-3rdparty-feeds] fix.
Atmo link corrected (didn't match existing file)
[openhdf] removed some files from plugins
[openhdf] removed some files from plugins
Update AtmoLight
[AutoBouquets] fixed filename the architecture should be separate by a _ not a -
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core
[openhdf] update build version, Softcam plugins removed
Deleted PartnerBox from the feeds, as it is no longer compatible.
openvix: build 230
vuplus-dvb-modules:20120824 update - Improve TS playback - Improve Graphic 2D acceleration - Fix Russian VFD display(duo, uno) - Fix High/low symbolrate channel scan problem.(Uno, Ultimo : Need FPGA Update) -- UNO : http://archive.vuplus.com/download/fpga/vuuno/4.5/ -- ULTIMO : http://archive.vuplus.com/download/fpga/vuultimo/4.5/ - Fix EOS detection problem in media playback - Enhance Security - Change duo's remote control to the advanced type(for HBBTV)
add eplayer4 source
[openhdf] removed cam-settings and various changes in bb files
openvix: build 229
[tuxbox-common] PR bump.
[tmtwin] update dvb-modules 20120825
[tuxbox] updated satellites.xml
openvix: build 228
openvix: build 227
openvix: build 226
openvix: build 225
[tmtwin] update dvb-modules 20120823:
Updated AutoBouquets; added BuyukBang
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://github.com/oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core
[openpli merge] add terratec H5 rev 3 support; Add pyload to feed; volatile-media: do not create mountpoints outside /media/
[openhdf]: image bb's edited
[openhdf]: hdf-toolbox.xx deleted
[odinsupport] add extra feed config
[openHDF] rollback to last rev from hdf-toolbox without git
[openhdf]: build 42
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core
[openhdf]: various changes in plugins und build number
[odinm9] update drivers 22.08.2012
openhdf: build 36
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core
[openhdf]: various changes cause of differnt enigma2 git
[openhdf]: changed to different enigma2 git
Added WebMedia
small update terrestrial.xml
[openmips,openaaf,odinsupport] switch back INHERIT += "rm_work" not working
[openaaf] update bootlogos
Updated AutoBouquets
Added 'Modem' to the not-wanted plugins
[openaaf] bumb version
openhdf: build 22
openvix: build 224
doppeltes file gel?scht
OpenHdf: Gits als SRC_URI raus genommen
Updated PictureFS & CamoFS
openvix: build 223
[openaaf,openmips,odinsupport] use INHERIT += "rm_deepwork"
openvix: build 222
[vuplus] update dvb-modules 20120820:
[picons] switch to mirror download [picons] update 2012-08-19--11-41-11 [picons] add blue/black hd and sd picons [openaaf/odinsupport] add hddtemp to build
Updated AutoBouquets
openvix: build 221
[tmtwin] dvb-modules update 20120819
bumb build
[odinm9] remove blindscan
Bumped due to updated not-wanted-plugins-list
Added MyTube to unwanted plugins, as the license doesn't allow usage. And besides: it doesn't work.
Updated WebRadioFS & CamoFS
Added AutoBouquets E2
[openmips,openaaf,odinsupport] replace ntp with ntpdate
[dreambox] add missing tmpd
[dm800] fix dm800hd build thanks scp for testing and infos
openvix: build 220
openvix: build 219
[openhdf] stop parsing enigma2-plugin-hdf-toolbox waiting for a fix
[busybox] updated mount script.
[tmtwin] dvb-modules update 20120818
[tmtwin] linux kernel build fix.
[odinm9] drivers 18.8.2012
[ventonsupport] updated channel list
openhdf added skinsnotwanted and pluginnotwanted
openhdf: recipes initial add
OpenHDF conf file added
[tmtwin] dvb-modules update 20120817.1
openvix: build 218
openvix: build 217
openvix: build 216
openvix: build 215
[twin] linux fix checksum
[tmtwin] update machine conf
[linux-libc-headers] add version 3.5
openvix: build 214
[NTP] sync time at boot, if network available.
[ocram-picons] fix typo.
[MC] fix for usb mouse and keyboards, thanks 'Caliban'
[twin] linux kernel update to 3.5.1 fix file name.
openvix: build 213
[ocram-picons] missed include changes.
[tuxbox-common] PR bump
openvix: build 212
[ocram-picons] update package names to reflect proper recognition to the creator.
[kernel-params] remove unneeded option
[tmtwin] dvb-modules update 20120817
[twin] linux kernel fixes.
[tuxbox] updated satellites.xml
openvix: build 211
[tmtwin] dvb-modules update 20120816.1
[odinm9] drivers fix sum
[odinm9] update drivers 17.8.2012
Updated NewTube
openvix: build 210
[classes] add new deep remove work. this also removes 'package' and 'packages-split' folders.
Added GoogleNewsReader
openvix: build 209
openvix: build 208
[tmtwin] dvb-modules update 20120816
openvix: build 207
openvix: build 206
[rtl871x] fix typo.
[twin] linux kernel config update for linux 3.5.1
[kernel-params] Slab allocation optimised value
[twin] linux kernel update to 3.5.1 and dvb-modules updated.
[rtl871x] PR bump
Revert "[rtl871x] fix patch line endings."
openvix: build 205
[rtl871x] fix patch line endings.
[oe-alliance-feeds] fix and cleanup.
Added Google News Reader and Screengrab; updated LiveFootball
add transmission to feed
fix CRLF patch
add fixed patch file
fix remove corrupt patch file
openvix: build 204
[tuxbox-common] PR bump
[tuxbox] updated satellites.xml
[gb800xx] update drivers 14.08.2012 [gb800xx] add eof file fix kernel patch
fix set version disto PREFERRED wpa version


11th September, 2012, 12:03 PM


e2-git changelog

openvix: build 268
[EPGSearch] add support to search for currently playing media file.
openvix: build 267
openvix: build 266
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
[SoftwareUpdate] fix possible BSOD
[SoftwareUpdate] fix the package count.
InputDeviceSetup: add option to select what type of remote control to use ( on supported platforms only )
[Translations] DE update thanks Ralf.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
fastscan: do not store the default audio pid in the cache
servicedvb: fix audio pid cache entry
cahandler: cache PMT sections
openvix: build 265
true item's number in movielist
[translations] nl update
MovieList: Autotagger collects sentence parts
PliExtraInfo: use evNewProgramInfo to determine when to read FEdata ( we can asume zap is finalized on this event )
servicedvb: add new event evNewProgramInfo
PliExtrainfo: don't update FEdata on iPlayableService.evUpdatedInfo
frontend: do not attempt to read tuner status while tuning
eDVBFrontend::getFrontendStatus: reduce the number of syscalls
frontend: get rid of duplicate frontendinfo enums
MovieSelection: Simplify playlist handling
HdmiCec: add wakeup on 'TV physical address report' option
HdmiCec: wakeup on 'activity' should ignore standby command

oe-git changelog

openvix: build 268
openvix: build 267
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core
openvix: build 266
update usb-modeswitch to 1.2.4 the version 1.2.3 is down
[gigablue] update driver gb800 and gbquad to 10.09.2012
[gigablue] temp bump PV to revert old drivers.
[dreambox] add missing modules
remove 'OPENPLI_FEATURES' as it should not be used in oe-alliance.
fix Dreambox image build, add fan control for DM800se, add dtsdownmix lib, add dvd feature for dm7020hd and dm8000
dvb-c blindscan utils missing in image
openvix: build 265
[gigablue] push build drivers
[ocram-picons] remove packages, as he now supplies a feed.
[gigablue 800] on request rollback drivers to 31.08.2012
[openaaf] remove vps from image build


images can be downloaded directly from the openvix server
or via a online update
menu> setup> software update.

or via a telnet session with the following command

init 4 && opkg update && opkg upgrade && init 6