View Full Version : Toyota Tacoma 2011 to take part in Dakar competition

25th November, 2012, 12:19 PM
Dear Friends.
I have a mission for some friends who want to participate in a competition, they will use a vehicle of 2011 Toyota Tacoma 6 cylinder gasoline. I have done many jobs Airbag and immobilizer, but I have not done this type of work.
they want to do the following:
Emulate oxygen sensors need to override the catalyst. Court max engine rpm, there should be no cut at 6,500 rpm. Cut Etc. maximum vehicle speed
Please guide me to achieve can make the required changes? need to do some reading to the ecu eprom engine?
Thanks for your feedback

18th December, 2012, 11:44 PM
Hello Friends.
the vehicle in mention is already in preparation for competition. I look forward to your help, I need liverar the limit RPM and vehicle speed.
This motor vehicle fails the 3000RPM, I would like the RPM is unlimited.
please friends could tell me what to do in this case?
I have read the EPROM of the engine ECU.
Thanks for your help