View Full Version : VU+ Duo starting problem

18th January, 2013, 09:02 PM

I hope someone can help with my symptoms. My VU+ DUO works fine but when switched off and on via the power switch at back (due to channels suddenly going blank) it keeps looping on 'starting' then VU DUO then starting again. it looks like the fan is trying to start but it doesnt. However, if I power it down for over an hour, i can get it to start. The fan seems like its struggling but it works. So know i leave the box on 24/7 unless the channels disappear.
I have heard of power supply fault, is this what it is? Can someone help me diagnose my problem. I am handy with soldering iron etc but dont know where to start.
I have tried flashing black hole images from scratch but running 1.7.4 right now. This is a clone box by the way. Thanks for any help.I have attached a picture of the main board and the components next to the fan power cable. Does that look dodgy. The power supply board also looks like its coated with some yellow stuff...is that right?

18th January, 2013, 09:12 PM
Overheating problem ?, have you tried a new fan ?
Also post it in the main Duo forum m8, this is the tutorial section :-)