View Full Version : Some Useful Mobile Tools/Applications

7th March, 2009, 11:30 AM
You ever lost a mobile or had it stolen?
annoyed that you can't really do anything about it other than to get it blocked?
This first video will instruct you how you can trace the mobile even if/when a new sim card is placed into it.

YouTube - Trace a mobile phone

Do you want the ability to do more with bluetooth other than send/recieve songs etc.?
Perhaps you want the ability to control the whole phone you're connected to. send a message. read the messages.
This next video tells you how. the video itself regards sony ericsson. the software can also be downloaded from mobango. this site also has a compatibility list so you can check if it is available for your device. it looks like about 90 - 95% of all mobiles can run it.

YouTube - How to hack mobile phones with Bluetooth [link included]