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5th March, 2013, 07:52 PM
Bet365 are doing an offer tonight on the ManU v Madrid game:

Place a pre-match bet on the Man Utd v Real Madrid game and we will give you a free In-Play bet to the same stake during the big match. *Upto ?50
So basically if you put a ?50 bet on before the game, and another ?50 just after the game has started, if the second bet (in-play) loses, they will give you the ?50 back!

So how can you get free money? There are a combinations to do this, my favourite (and what I will be doing) is this:

Option 1

Before the game:
?50 Double chance (United and Madrid) 29/100 odds - Returns ?64.50

Just as the game starts:
?50 Draw - Odds currently at 27/10 - Returns ?185

If either United or Madrid win, your ?50 in-play is refunded and you make ?14.50
If it is a draw, you make ?85 Profit!

Another option is this:

Option 2

Pre-match bet with BET365 on Real Madrid full time result @13/10. (Stake ?50).
= Returns ?115 + ?50 refund from losing inplay = ?165

In-play bet with BET365 on Draw full time result @27/10 (Approx odds, stake ?50).
= Returns ?185

Man Utd Win, best odds avaliable @11/5 with Coral (stake ?35)
= Returns ?112 + ?50 refund from losing inplay = ?162

These will be the following risk free outcomes.

Man United win = ?27
Draw = ?50
Real Madrid = ?30

This requires better ?135 rather than ?100 with my option! Both risk-free though!

I'm going with the first option, because I see it ending with a draw!

P.s. This is open to new AND existing customers!

Any questions and I will be more than happy to help - Let me know if you would be interested in anything else like this, as I keep a very close eye on betting sites etc, IMO it can be a very good way of making some extra cash!

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6th March, 2013, 12:11 AM
did anyone take up the bet? shame it was not a draw but ?14.50 is better than nothing :)