View Full Version : Dodge Grand Caravan - BCM Differences (HC11E9 Hack?)

30th June, 2013, 09:11 PM
Hi. I think I have problem difficult to solve... I burn BCM in Dodge Grand Caravan with Chrysler P/N "...6672". It was from 3,3L '96year model. I found BCM described "3,3L '96", maybe from Grand Voyager, but P/N end are: "...6674".

Everyone, Who knows these cars, that immo and tacho data are implemented in Motorola uC, HC11E9. I solve Immo and tacho problem, car run and drive well, everything (after small dump modifivcation) works good, but one thing is still wrong. Dashboard shows fuel level
inversely! When tank is empty, then shows full, etc.

I make diagram of fuel level silgnal wiring in BCM's PCB. In "...6672" is quite easy - from sensor, few resistor, signal goes directly to ADC in Motorola.

In "...6674" was about 10 extra resistor placed in PCB, which I remove, and then electronics working good without fuel level showing.

How You think, is possible that ADC is implemented in another way in 2 BCM's, from similar cars?

Dumps from ..6672 and ..6674 are different, In attachment You can see defferences, and areas that has the same data but address-shifted.

I'll try to messure voltage in ADC input in both BCMs, but If someone know about some differences between Grand Voyager and Grand Caravan, both from '96, plese describe some trics..

PS: Connection between BCM and Dashboard is digitalized via D Bus...