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24th August, 2013, 09:34 AM
Hi Everyone,
Im posting in the hope someone can help as i have hit a brick wall with my 800SE.
I lost everything on the box the other evening so i decided it was time to re-flash, to iron out all the annoying little bugs.
I have two sim options, Sim2 or A8P, so i have reverted back to the sim2 for the present.
Done all the usual, 84B, Flash, 84B and proceeded to setup box.
All done and bouquets loaded and jiggled about.
The problem i have is that i cannot download any plugins. The message returned is 'All Plugins up to date'
I am looking to download auto bouquets and fan control but am being prevented from doing so.

I tried to FTP dvbsnoop and auto bouquets, using IDream, but cannot find them on my box.

Now for any help please.

1) When i flash the box does it delete every pice of software or is there something lurking in the background?

2) Where do i find the files i have uploaded ?

3) Does anyone know where i can download the fan monitor plugin?

Sorry this goes on a bit but i am totally flummoxed whats going on at present.

Thanks in anticipation


24th August, 2013, 09:57 AM
Once you flash a new image the Box returns to stock so to speak of the image you installed unless you flash a Backup image which has already been pre-installed with the plugins you require.

The Autobouquet maker .ipk can be found on this very forum : http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f216/autobouquets-e2-28-2e-plug-296869/

The Fan control monitor should be available from the plugins online