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19th September, 2013, 02:35 PM

Seem to be less channels to watch now ( all becoming HD or cable ) I enjoy premiership football( but less channels seem to be doing them . I cant seem to recieve Al Jazerra 10 in the North of England with a 1m dish .Inputted freq for transpopnder and it finds nothing Should i be able to get this . Also struggle with getting 7 w

Any help appreciated



19th September, 2013, 03:24 PM
Hi. as far as i am aware there is no more JSC 10. On Hotbird there is only JSC 1-4 and no Premier footy. You should be able to pick free footy on 39 east with latest keys. In London with a 1m dish i can pick up 7 west (about 600 channels) including JSC HD . Sometimes 7w can come and go due to weather etc. There has been a lot of Premier feeds lately on 7 east and 10 east with BISS keys. You need to look at the websites on the day for frequencies and keys etc. ope this helps you.