View Full Version : Help Needed TT with navcore will not patch (followed instructions) !!

6th May, 2009, 09:26 AM
Paddy12345, can you help followed all of your instructions, searched the forums and downloaded I reckon what was required

have tried the following

Copy over system files and map data all from downloads

Check unit get cannot use map united kingdom and republic of Ireland-26

Connect device to computer

Have used both navcore 8.302 go 530/730/930 system files and navcore gox20.cab ? navcore go as found here

When I run the keygen

get message you have a dct for all maps

get message you have have a patched system when I do ttsystem 8 navcore

last bit of keygen FAILS

i get "correct tomtom home dll missing for your device"

when i disconnect system boots

System seems ok when I hot the map screen it freezes and reboots

can anybody help its a tom tom one v3