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1st October, 2013, 09:05 PM
Is it possible to put a softcam on a VU+ solo 2 ??

Latest Vix image

Many thx

1st October, 2013, 09:48 PM
they can be added on all images
via the tmp folder then you load
them from the manual package install
section in the box menu, here are the cam
packs for you


1st October, 2013, 11:27 PM
Hi Benny,

Sorry my good man but we cant hold any form of cams on the site including built into images due to the rules, We can though link to them externally from other hosting sites without a problem so i have edited your post to reflect this.

Thank you

2nd October, 2013, 12:47 AM
Hi many thx benny/9 for the reply....

Sorry my 1st post is misleading (sorry about this) i already have some of them installed on the VU....ccam 2.4.1 & mgccam also oscam
the box is running great many thx for the help off other members of the forum...
I mean the k**s like the ones in the Latest Technomate Softcam Keys *Regularly Updated* (http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/f120/latest-technomate-softcam-keys-regularly-updated-286853/)
or similar to work with the VU

Not sure if this is possible (i could do it on the F3 box i had) but is it possible on this box.....
or am i barking you the wrong tree ;) ???

Only had the box under a week....as digicon assured me that the setup it easy (which it was) & a lot of reading helped ;) thx again for the pointers mate

Had a play with the B/H latest image...it's ok... but now i find the openvix is more user friendly & easier to get your head round...lol
I have found out how to load stuff on the box via ftp & ipk & usb....editing files that i need to....

After all the the above said.......i have the files for the F3 box that opened some sat's that i could watch. lets say 39.2E ...N**a S***t... is it possible to put the same file's on the VU
attached below...

Or again am i barking up the wrong tree...to get what i want ;)

Just cannot get my head around where to put them ...&..which flies go where .....iv'e try'd them in Var/keys..also Usr/keys

Any pointer's plz anyone thx in advance...

2nd October, 2013, 01:01 AM

Here we go not tested by myself but here is the latest Dreambox softcam.key file which goes into /usr/keys:

Update: Bulsat 39.0?E Irdeto Active and Next key's http://4.firepic.org/4/images/2012-10/13/cwjsuwt1otg3.gif

Cablecom, Swiss Cable http://4.firepic.org/4/images/2012-10/13/cwjsuwt1otg3.gif

SRTV Feed 16?E BISS http://4.firepic.org/4/images/2012-10/13/cwjsuwt1otg3.gif

NBA Pool Europe 10?E BISS http://4.firepic.org/4/images/2012-10/13/cwjsuwt1otg3.gif

Rai october 13.0?E http://4.firepic.org/4/images/2012-10/13/cwjsuwt1otg3.gif

Rai 13.0?E September
Barca tv (feed) 10.0?E BISS
MUTV 10.0?E Biss
Sinema TV Aksiyon HD & Sinema Ask TV HD 4.9?E BISS
Pershy Natsionaly 4.0?W BISS
Art Prime Sport 49?E BISS
BBC Package 27.5?W BISS
Fox Crime Africa SD 12.5W BISS
ESPN Caribbean & ESPN Syndication 15?W BISS
Eurofootball Gonki 9.0?E BISS
TNTsat Viaccess 19.2?E
CS SkyLink 23.5?E CryptoWorks
DigiTurk 7?E CryptoWorks
Upc Direct 0.8?W CryptoWorks
ORF & AustriaSat 19.2?E CryptoWorks
UPC Cablecom (Swiss cable network) NagraVision

Thanks to Serjoga for all the hard work, just to let you know you will need 2 cam emulator's for this key file to work one begins with C and the other begins with M and ends 1.38.

Just to let you know why you need the 2 some are read by one emulator and some by the other.

2nd October, 2013, 11:06 AM
Hi digicon many thx for the answer
i will try them later when i finish at work.....

When you say i need the 2 files ...i now have them....do you just swap & activate them from the menu...i know they will not both run at the same time...
what i'm asking is one file will work with some sat's (lets say the M file) .....if the sat does not clear then swap to the other file (C) ??

Sorry to be a pain mate...so the dreambox k**s are ok for the E2 systems....

Regards P&D

2nd October, 2013, 11:35 AM
Dreambox are Enigma2 so yes they work on any E2 Linux receiver.

And again correct for some channels that wont open on one cam with the keys you swap to the other cam, as you are now using the Vix image i am unfamiliar if it has an Autocam function built in.

Blackhole does have Autocam function built in so when you get channels open with say Cam A you save these to open with A and the rest you save with Cam B. So when you go to that said channel it opens with either A or B automatically.

Like i said i have no idea if the Vix image has this function so you may have to have a look around the menu system

2nd October, 2013, 08:17 PM
Hi digicon many thx for the pointers

I have re-installed B/H 2.0.6 with both the files you have mentioned above...all working great mate only had time to check 39E & N*** S***** opens
so i will check he others later also thx for the pointers with the autocam....great little thing save swapping it everytime you change the sat lol;)...

My next challenge is find sats i can open...;)...1. last question mate should the sats above that have the Bliss keys open with the same file ???

Regards P&D

3rd October, 2013, 01:29 AM
They should yes again though it will depend if the key in the file is current or not even though they list them up to date even the softcam makers have been known to leave old and dead keys in the file, try a few and see how you go as some may have a clash with others due to format

3rd October, 2013, 11:07 AM
Many thx for all your help digicon....

You are defo on my Christmas card list ;) lol
Only for your advice i wouldn't of took the next step into the wounderful world of the Sat's

As you said to me in one of your post's it's not the daunting to setup & take the next setp (glad i listened to you).....

My advice to anyone & all
If your thing of upgrading from the CHEAP boxes go for it....motor dish setup 3 days (Don't laugh) 1st attempted
Box setup 3 days after trying the Vix image & the B/hole image (& many pointers from forum members) Many thx to all.....

I now can pass on what i have learnt this week to other members starting out....

Again many thx Phil

23rd March, 2014, 08:45 PM
Thought i'd bring this thread back rather than starting a new one. Not sure where to put the key files on my VU+Duo2. Any pointers? cheers.

23rd March, 2014, 08:47 PM
Thought i'd bring this thread back rather than starting a new one. Not sure where to put the key files on my VU+Duo2. Any pointers? cheers.

USR/KEYS,regards mdt

23rd March, 2014, 08:48 PM
top man. thanks for almost immediate answer.

23rd March, 2014, 09:08 PM
And while we are on it might as well try and keep them up to date:

Thanks to Serjoga for the key File

ADD: ESP2 NE Russian 13.0?E 11240 V 27500 CCW's http://4.firepic.org/4/images/2012-10/13/cwjsuwt1otg3.gif

Bulsat 39.0?E Irdeto

NTV Mir 4.0?W BISS
Pershy Natsionaly 4.0?W BISS
Juventus TV Channel ("ITA 392") 5?W BISS
ESPN Caribbean & ESPN Syndication 15?W BISS
BBC Package 27.5?W BISS DOWN
Chveni Magti, Magti Kino, Comedy Arkhi, Magti Hiti HD 4.9?E BISS
Italy Service & Italy Service 2 & Italy Service 3 & Italiy Service 4 9?E BISS
Eurofootball Gonki 9.0?E BISS
FOX Sports 9?E BISS
NBA Pool Europe 10?E BISS DOWN
STS International 13.0?E BISS
K**** D1 16.0?E BISS
Topaz 1 21.5E BISS
CaspioNet and CaspioNet_test 31.5?E BISS
Comedy Central 31.5?E BISS
Region TV 46?E BISS
CTC Love 85.1?E BISS
Mir Belogorje 85.1?E BISS "radio"
TNT Sat (France) HD 19.2E Viaccess Only with o****-ymodv18-t50
TNT Sat (France) SD 19.2E Viaccess Only with o****-ymodv18-t50
Ant-1 Europe 9?E Viaccess
ORF & AustriaSat 19.2?E CryptoWorks
Upc Direct 0.8?W CryptoWorks
DigiTurk 7?E CryptoWorks
CS SkyLink 23.5?E CryptoWorks
GMM Package 78.5?E Irdeto
UPC Cablecom (Swiss cable network) Nagra

23rd March, 2014, 09:19 PM
Do they work with 1.35 as they're not opening for me. :(

24th March, 2014, 12:02 AM
Do they work with 1.35 as they're not opening for me. :(

And what exactly is not opening being a little more specific may help

24th March, 2014, 12:23 AM
Fox sports on 9E isn't opening and NBA on 10E isn't even on the list on my box even though it's on the catseye list. Having said that it appears not to have been allocated to a bouquet so maybe I need to do that myself?

24th March, 2014, 03:01 AM
If you read the Update that came with the new softcam it clearly states that NBA Biss key is down in other words not known, as for 9? east Fox Sports Biss key either your setup is wrong or the key has changed or you need to look at how the cam is reading the key.

Few things for you to try, You can always get a Cam to read a CW.key file as well

24th March, 2014, 12:44 PM
I'd guess my files are wrong. Probably got a letter wrong somewhere or lacking a file in a particular folder. The files are in usr/keys

24th March, 2014, 12:56 PM
I cannot go into it in any great length on here due to the Rules but yes the key file is in the right place but what you have to understand that to open all the softcam channels on that .key list takes 4 Cam emulators each one does a specific channel or pacjkage as you are probably already aware.

Sometimes you will also need 3 files in various parts of the Enigma system such as the one you already have softcam.key and also a CW.key file as well as O****.key file which go into different directorys.

fill in the Stars with letters for the last cam clue is its very popular

24th March, 2014, 07:21 PM
I have the o*****.key file but not the thing to read it by the looks of it. Got the other 2 emus but not that one. That needed?

24th March, 2014, 09:59 PM
That Cam is needed if you wish to open the channel package that it relates too.