View Full Version : CrossEPG updates and enhancments coming to ViX

1st November, 2013, 11:57 PM
Just a heads up guys.

Andyblac has once again twiddled those magic fingers and has commenced a major recode of the CrossEPG plugin, from build 755 CrossEPG will use a free tuner same as ABM does to gather its data. work is still ongoing but this should give you a quick idea of how things are coming.

Once again i would like to give my personal thanks to Andyblac of the ViX image team / OE-Alliance for his continual strive to improve Enigma2 for ALL users of all images alike.

Here are a few screenshots of the new CrossEPG in action in build 755.

16th November, 2013, 01:00 PM

-[CrossEPG] version 0.7 thanks to Skaman, i still have some stuff to finish like new scheduler, AUS OpenTV needs testing.
-add missing mo

-[CrosEPG] remove MHW2 from menu, as it is no longer supported, update About info.

-fix scheduler run for only instandby, and fix cosmetic issue.
-update scheduler to same procedure as AutoBouquetsMaker

-fix missing import.
-[CrossEPG] allow unto 8 frontends.
-Revert "[CrossEPG] allow unto 8 frontends.", This reverts commit ccd4c91.

-[Downloader] we can only use first 4 frontends, skip all others.

-allow to compile without poll, makes download slower as PID’s have to be read in order, but some drivers have issues with the original way.
todo, make CrossEPG download a background task so the E2 gui is not locked, so it does not matter how long download takes.
-allow more tuners.

-[download] allow a little time for motors to finish lock, before trying to download data

4th July, 2018, 04:23 PM
can anyone tell me how I setup my duo using vix 3 to stream to or from my dlink nas please?thanks