View Full Version : M3 V8 MSS60 FGTech Problem Write HELP

2nd November, 2013, 07:16 PM
Dear colleagues, I'm in a problem I read a 2007 BMW M3 V8 MSS60 with FGTech galletto2 reading ok and CKSM was ok, when I write with Galletto2 writing fails and clears the ecu of the car, a colleagues I borrowed the tool Trasdata and read the ecu of car and I find that this erasing a portion of the flash. I have read the 2 files, FGtech ok and trasdata but I can not insert the missing part in the Trasdata to reload it in the ECU. the trasdata file is encrypted and when insert portion file, trasdata said wrong file.
Someone can help me with this.
I attach 2 file, file FGtech ok work ECU and Trasdata not work ECU.

9th November, 2013, 05:23 PM
In order to use the second file read with trasdata you need to import it first to RACE software. It is scrambled and useless in this form.