View Full Version : DM 800 SE CLONE, Easiest and best TUT for a total newbee to follow for this box ?

10th November, 2013, 09:09 PM
As the title of the thread suggests, I am trying to get hold of the very easiest and simple to follow full tutorial for setting up a DM 800 SE CLONE.

DM800SE with BCM tunner, with sim2.10 card , with software BL84 Gemi5.1, High Quality [800se-bcm] - US$143.00 : www.mixeshop.com (http://www.mixeshop.com/dm800se-with-bcm-tunner-with-sim210-card-with-software-bl84-gemi51-high-quality_p707.html)

I think it is that model above but I am not 100% sure as its not my box its a friends and he has never done anything like this before and I have tried for nearly 2 weeks now to get someone willing to connect to his box remotely via the internet, I.E using something like teamviewer and connection to his box via his pc and router etc etc, but so far I cannot get anyone at all willing to do that :( and to be honest when I say the guy is a newbee I mean a newbeee, lol, he doesnt even know the basics, I guess the same as we all were at one stage of the game eh ?

Anyways, is there any chance someone could point me in the correct direction of a link to do what I was asking please and that way I can at least just pass it onto him and then its up to him if he can manage it or not, I doubt it though, but I guess its worth a try.

I would help him if I could but I have no knowledge at all of that type of box and even if I did I am pretty hopeless myself, lol, but I have learned the basics, I am not confident enough though in trying to do whats required because as I said, I am pretty hopeless myself even with my own box and generally need to ask for help with that too if I get stuck, lol.

Anyway, I hope someone can point me in the correct direction here for the stuff he will require please ?

Thanks Guys n Girls, cheers :)

10th November, 2013, 10:07 PM
all the guides are in this thread from flashing an image to loading a channel list everything is located in here

19th November, 2013, 10:23 PM