View Full Version : Remove the password from the Dreambox and with the help tuxbox Commander

19th December, 2013, 01:55 AM
download tuxbox from software downloads in the settings menu , exit then press blue button .

Open tuxbox Commander and enter the directory / var / etc / and then get the passwd file, and press the button 4 (Edit) on the remote control.
Firstly, enter the following: root:: 0:0 ::/:/ bin / sh
also create the file passwd in ~
This is done by selecting the first row with the arrow keys on your remote and press OK. Deleting is done with the VOLUME -,
and writing as well as writing a text message on your mobile phone.
Thus the Dreambox passworada without a new creation can be done with the help of Telnet. Poktene the Telnet log
with a blank password and then house the command passwd
It is also possible to enter a new password with the help of the DreamBox. This can be done in the Extra / Setings / Password.
Enter a new password and that's it. Now Dreambox a new password by this time one should remember that nebismo had repeated the entire procedure