View Full Version : Lambda post cat remove me7.5.30 VW FOX 1.6 8v is it possible?

31st July, 2014, 07:10 PM
Hello guys! I need to remove second lambda sensor from this car. Cat was removed and it has check engine light on. I always solve this with other method - i make an emulator that generates signal of good working second lambda. But this car dont accept it, seems like its different from other cars. In other cars lambda 2 works around 400-550mv. This car, when working good, has around 600mv and a lot of variation with the acelerator. I try different signals but i cant fool this ecu, after 4 days light goes on again. Is it possible to remove 2nd lambda from the dump??? Thanks!!!

Engine:VW FOX 1.6 8v
ECU: me7.5.30 032906032CB 0261S05596
Dump: st10f275 readed with FGTech 2 in boot mode