View Full Version : Advice on dpf off and remaps

3rd August, 2014, 10:28 AM
hi guys I have been doing immobilisers and worked with ecu's reading dumps and flash I have bdm,fgtech galletto v54,upa,xprog,orange,gq-4x for flash. Basically I want to expand a little more as I get a lot of customers with dpf issues and want a little more bhp.

Just wanted some advice on which is the best software for dpf off and tuning or would it better just to send the files off to some pro? if so who do you recommend please? I tried a friends car who has a passat 2.0tdi with edc16 fgtech wouldn't read it. If I was to remove the ecu and read the flash and eeprom is this all I need to send someone? or is it just the flash? just want to make sure :) Also which tools are recommended ive read a lot about mpps anything else ?

a quick brief will be much appreciated thanks fellas :)

3rd August, 2014, 04:53 PM
hello mr, read this car by bdm and send just flash , its all i need in this car :)

3rd August, 2014, 05:48 PM
can these not be done via obd ? also is there any lists of ecu's which can be done by obd etc and is dpf always in the flash? also which is the best software for tuning and dpf off pls..

3rd August, 2014, 05:50 PM
For friend car edc16, fgtech2 must read it maybe something bad with your hardware, MPPS isn't expensive and work perfect on this passat, for DPF is best solution manual disabling DPF with winols it's little hard but with some practice isn't hard a lot. For tunning also can use winols but need a lot of knowledge. For remaping and dpf you need flash data not eeprom. Buy MPPS, Galleto 1260, check your fgtech2 is all ok beacuse it's not read this ecu if it have bdm adapters, this will be perfect for begin.