View Full Version : 7020 ethernet wifi

1st July, 2009, 05:41 PM
Hmmm, problem developing. 2 days running my 7020 ethernet port has stopped working. It took a few reboots yesterday to get it to work and today I had to set the other end of the link to 10meg 1/2 duplex in order to maintain a link.

Has anyone got any links related to this or any info.

Thinking of other options, wifi USB or CF wifi are both posisble if the hardware supports it. Any links or reading, howtos etc.

Did I read somewhere in the distant past that if there is an IDE disk then the CF is disabled, seem to remember that but typically Google isn't helping when I need it to.

17th May, 2010, 06:09 AM
I fixed this, took a while as you can see but basically I think there is a design fault and as the power supply gets older and less smooth it manifests itself with a non booting ethernet chip. I fixed it by sticking 2 capacitors in parallel with C5907 and C5906.

According to the data sheets these should be 4.7 uF and mine had 2.2 in. These are smoothing caps for the 3.3 volt rail.

Initially I used 15 volt tantalums but they let the smoke out when I powered it on so I used 50 volt electrolytics and the problem is fixed.

One for the memory banks as it will happen more often now that 7020 is getting on in years.