View Full Version : golf 5 1.9tdi tune

14th November, 2014, 01:26 PM
please I need tune my golf 5 1.9tdi 03G906021HB I need 20 ps more power, thanks 286065

14th November, 2014, 09:56 PM
1/9 driver wish 1C244A
2/9 1C25A0
3/9 1C26F6
4/9 1C284C
5/9 1C29A2
6/9 1C2AF8
7/9 1C2C4E
8/9 1C2DA4
9/9 1C2EFA

1D2402 Torque limiter

1/2 n75 1E633E
2/2 n75 1E651C

turbo pressure limiter 1E7766

turbo pressure 1E75F8
turbo pressure 1E747E

iq by map 1D4058
iq by maf 1D4540 in axis z is lamda..
iq by maf 1D471E
iq by maf 1D48FC

Nm to iq 1D4E8E

soi selector 1D7524

Doi 1E1A80
Doi 1E1D02
Doi 1E1F84
Doi 1E2206
Doi 1E246C


I'll tell you when I get home and addresses. Start of injection..are on the run sorry.

14th November, 2014, 11:12 PM
thanks solved