View Full Version : XBMC not scraping etc on Android devices

16th January, 2015, 05:17 PM
Not sure which is the best slot to post this in so I've stuck it in 2 sections - apologies for duplication!!

Lads, just wondering if your XBMC is working properly via android. I have a number of devices at home (mostly windows based) and they work a dream with the
scrapers for movies etc - just like nature intended. I also have an EVO Xfinity (Android OS) and an Android tablet which both do all the things I got them for EXCEPT
scrape the movie info, fan art etc.

I initially thought it was the different versions of XBMC / Kodi but after downloading and running different versions on Windows I can only conclude that
its the Android side of things. I am pulling my movies etc from my NAS drive. Another problems is that I cant delete my movie sources (to allow me to build again
from scratch). Unless I REALLY have to, I don't want to reflash my box to update XBMC although that still wont solve my tablet issue.

Any help appreciated........James