View Full Version : xbmc audio sync issue

5th April, 2015, 06:32 PM
hi i have a mbox operating system linux 3.10.33 #5 smp

gup; mail-450 mp opengl es 2.0

cpu; armv7 processor rev 1 v7

bogomips 4.44

hardwear amologic

my problem is every movie i watch the lip sync is out, i ajusut the audio o***et and save it as default, but the next movie req a different setting.
is there something i can do to fix this?


dick b
6th April, 2015, 02:27 AM
I"ve found choosing a different stream does it,I never have got anywhere with the audio adjust.

6th April, 2015, 05:57 PM
ok thanks will try different streams. at least im not the only one who has this problem,
i thought it might be some settings.