View Full Version : opel vectra 1.6 twinport 2013 delco e83 need Power Tune

22nd April, 2015, 12:07 AM
hi . any help
This opel Astra (sorry) Not Vectra car is so week . its response badly when go from second gear to third gear

need Power Tune
HW: 12642926
SW: 12654173
VIN nr.: W0LPD6ED8D1082401
SW ver.: G13102
Engine: ےےےےےےےےےےےےےےےےےےےے
HW Ver.: 86ABJT542340007B
SW upg.: 55591150

22nd April, 2015, 04:46 AM
very uncomon ecu.
i am working on same ecu that comes on 1.4 chevrolet sell here.
was read using kess??
how long does it take for full read?? here using kess on mine is around 1 hour.