View Full Version : Is this possible? Volvo V70/S60 2,4i 170hp to 210hp?

17th July, 2015, 06:48 AM
This look`s wrong, or?
On this website they tuning Volvo V70/S60 2,4i 170hk to 210hp by "chip"
A normal tuning get 185-188hk on this NO TURBO engine (B5244S)
Ecu system is Denso (HN.2)


Is there any good tuner here as have work on this type of car and engine?
I need help to get best mapp for this typ of ECU.
My goal is to get all HP that is possible, it is not for road driving.... so no ECO ~~~~... :)
more info on PM

ECU V70 2,4i 00-04
140HK B5244S2=HP.2
170HK b5244S=HN.2

ECU V70 2,4i 05-08
140hk Bifuel B5244SG=LE.2
140hk B5244S2=LG.2
170hk B5244S=LA.2

ECU Volvo S80 2,4i 99-04
140HK B5244S2=HE.2
140hk B5244S2=HN.2
170hk B5244S=H2.2

ECU Volvo S60 01-04
140hk B5244S2=HN.2
170hk B5244S=HN.2

17th July, 2015, 07:52 AM
Check other makes and models. They also have 18% or 24% gains on both NA and turbo-charged engines. Rather unbelievable.

17th July, 2015, 10:32 AM
i say : they have passed thay red thin line :D